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pecan pie.

I had never made or tasted pecan pie, but after hearing that it’s one of Mama G’s favourites, I thought I would give it a shot. Especially after looking at the method. “Mix together and bake for an hour.” ….. … Continue reading

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undah pressah.

that’s actually supposed to be ‘under pressure’. looooove david bowie! and queen. but david bowie was on spongebob once, so he has the edge on Freddie Mercury. anyways, hay hay hayyyy. hope your work week is off to a great … Continue reading

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aerial dance comeback.

this used to be me. that’s not actually me, but i would be 20 feet in the air, using nothing but my bodyweight and stretchy fabric to hold me up. the blurry pictures above actually are me. this is aerial … Continue reading

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drama mamas.

hay hay hayyyy. happy humpday! first off, i’m pretty sad to see that i got zero feedback about the use of real, preserved bodies for an exhibit. come onnnnnn people, it’s an interesting and controversial topic! i would still like … Continue reading

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bodies, cookies and sweet rolls.

hay hay hayyyy. i hope everyone had a great weekend. 🙂 mine was pretty close to perfect. there was lots of baking, a trip to the library, more baking, a family outing to the Bodies Exhibit, and a relaxing Sunday … Continue reading

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