bodies, cookies and sweet rolls.

hay hay hayyyy.
i hope everyone had a great weekend. 🙂

mine was pretty close to perfect. there was lots of baking, a trip to the library, more baking, a family outing to the Bodies Exhibit, and a relaxing Sunday and a good supper. with bread baking.
yeeeeh that’s how i like it.

The Bodies Exhibit:
(cameras weren’t allowed inside, so I can’t show you any of the incredible sights, but I’ll tell you about it.)

the Bodies exhibit is REAL human bodies, basically encased in silicone and put on display.
there were brains, various organs (like lungs, kidneys, digestive system..), entire skeletal and muscular systems to get up close and personal with.
i thought it was really, really really cool to see what we actually look like on the inside.
but a lot of people were grossed out or straight up disturbed by the fact that these bodies were once people who had lives, jobs and maybe families.
i got nervous when i found put there was also a fetal section. with real, 42-day-old embryos as tiny as your thumbnail.
i thought i was going to get creeped out, but nope. i was too distracted by seeing, with my own eyeballs, how everything in our bodies works together. it’s pretty complex stuff.
if you get the opportunity, i would totally recommend going to the Bodies Exhibit.

here’s pictures of food!

my first ever pumpkin baked good. i’m honestly not a big fan of pumpkin. i have no idea how people can eat that stuff straight. blugh.

but jordan and i loved these pumpkin white chocolate cookies! soooo good. sweet white chocolate, warm pumpkin spice, and a taste of pumpkin.
i made a small batch yesterday, and the two in the picture are the only ones left alive now. i will definitely be making these again!
i got the recipe from cookies and cups! (check out her blog by the way, she seems pretty awesome and is clearly a ballin’ baker!)

the easiest not-cinnamon rolls i’ve ever made. they’re actually pioneer woman’s chocolate chip cookie sweet rolls, and they are sooo good! the dough is sweet and doughy and delicious, and i love the brown sugar + chocolate chip filling. this woman is a goddess.

nope, that’s not food or delicious baking. that’s my bathroom scale. check out the thick layer of dust on it! i’m very, very proud of that.

so proud that i had to swipe some off with my finger. gross.

but seriously, i am proud that i’ve let my scale collect some dust. i don’t need to let a number dictate how happy or miserable i am.

i am so much better than that. 🙂

these pictures made me feel a little better about hardly working out at all this week. i got a couple strength workouts done, but no cardio.
i’ve had throat issues all week and have been doing loads of coughing, so i played it safe instead of aggravating the problem. it’s hard not to feel guilty and panicky about gaining weight.

ah well.
hopefully this week goes a little smoother.

tell me about your weekend!

how do you feel about the use of actual human bodies for exhibition? i know it ruffled a lot of feathers here in winnipeg, but i honestly thought it was really neat.

toodles. 🙂

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