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baking bonanza.

hay hay haaay. i’m getting way too excited about fall baking. on top of everything on my wish list, i’ve come upon these amazing recipes to bake before fall ends. which, in manitoba, is like.. mid-october. halloween, at the latest. … Continue reading

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custom peanut butter cookie recipe.

I finally did it, I made a peanut butter cookie recipe just for me. I even came up with it, all by myself! 😀 Ingredients: (for 15 or so cookies?) 1 cup peanut butter. White Chocolate Wonderful preferred. 1/2 cup … Continue reading

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weekend recap.

hay hay haaay. i hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend. i realize that its tuesday and i’m late. i’ve been hella sick for a couple days, and have eaten mostly jellybeans, bread and neocitran as “fuel”. but i’m getting a … Continue reading

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white chocolate macadamia nut blondies.

look, i do have some photography skills! they just took a really long time to start showing on my blog… check out my easy recipe for blondies. (these are white chocolate macadamia nut blondies.) and while you’re at it, look … Continue reading

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day 4 of HINE.

hay hay haaaay. wooo, almost the weekend. i’ll be honest, now that my birthday is a little closer i’m a teensy tiny bit excited about it. who can complain about getting attention and money and cake? On to day 4 … Continue reading

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some saucy love.

hay hay hayyyy. i actually wasn’t going to post today, because not a whole lot happened and i didn’t have any real food pictures. but i couldn’t stop myself. this morning i whipped up my favourite protein pancakes and an … Continue reading

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day 2 of HINE plan, and birthday woes.

hay hay haaayy. i just about died laughing when i realized the anagram of my How I Normally Eat plan is HINE. pronounced ‘hiney’ of course. day 2 of HINE: i started off the day with 2 slices of toast … Continue reading

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