stovetop super oats.

one of my favourite breakfasts! it fills up a HUGE bowl and you can add whateverrr you like. i’ve seen banana bread oats, pumpkin pie oats, german chocolate oats, smore’s oats.. there is no wrong combination.
i wonder if a preggo woman has ever made pickle and ice cream oats…? Ewwwww. Ok that’s a wrong combination.

To make:

1. Pour some water into a saucepan. 1 2/3 cups to be exact.

2. Dump in your regular serving of oats. i usually go for 1/3 cup. Its not going to look like much, but trust me, its gonna grow. A lot.

3. Set the saucepan over medium heat (level 4-6 out of 10) and let it boil for 20 minutes or so.

4. When the oats have soaked up all or most of the water, dump in a full scoop of your favourite protein powder and stir stir stirrrrr. i use some cheap, low-carb vanilla stuff that i got at costco and it still does the job.

5. Then, add in 1 egg white or 2 tbsp liquid egg whites and stirstirstirstir. That means stir really quickly. The egg white adds major volume and protein, and cross my heart, you won’t taste it.

6. Pour your oats into a bowl, and load it up with toppings. Things that melt are especially fun.

i recommend:
– maple syrup.
– nut butters.
– sliced bananas. frozen is kind of fun.
– semi-sweet chocolate chips.
– strawberries or jam.
– shredded coconut.
– greek yogurt.
– chopped nuts.
– cinnamon over every-thaang.

Get creative and enjoy your oats!


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