yoga poses.

i do yoga a couple times a week, it makes me feel lean and mean (but relaxed)and stretchy.
because of my littttle bit of yoga, i’ve kept ALL my flexibility from gymnastics.
A typical at-home yoga sesh involves putting on some enya, doing both my favourite sequences a couple times through, and then i’ll pick 2-5 of my favourite poses to do, depending on how tight my muscles are.

My favourite sequences:
(again, no one panic, i’m making stick-people pictures to explain the moves. i also tend to call things whatever they are in my head, so don’t mistake whatever i call it for the real yogi-name).

Stand tall – nose to knees – plank – backbend – hilltop (normal people know this as downward dog) – nose to knees and back to stand tall.

Warrior (awesome hip stretch) – the bow – the boat – michelle kwan (it was a move that she did in figure skating that i loved) and switch to other leg.

Random poses i like:
Om. (this is impossible to draw a stick person doing, so you sit cross legged with your hands on your knees, palms up, and you chill.)
Boat stretch.
The camel (actual yoga name).
Pigeon, and all it’s freaky variations.
The plow. (another actual yoga name)
Cat and cow stretch.


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