wish list.

working my way down my list of things i want to make!

Bars & Brownies:

  1. blondies. done!
  2. brownies topped with a cheesecake layer
  3. caramel-filled brownies (from my mrs. field’s cookbook) made ’em, didn’t turn out that well. i liked the concept, but the brownies were too spongy and the caramel went all over the place. i’ll try this with my own recipe.
  4. cheesecake bars. make that cookie dough cheesecake bars.
  5. cream-cheese swirl brownies
  6. maple walnut bars (mrs. field’s cook book)
  7. mud pie mojo brownies
  8. sugar cookie bars
  9. oatmeal carmelitas

Cookies :
(i love my cookie problem!)

  1. bakerella’s pillow cookies
  2. adorable yo-yo cookies
  3. compost cookies (i’m thinking pretzels, toffee bits, peanut butter..)
  4. marshmallow middle cookies (from mrs. field’s cook book)
  5. super soft gingersnaps (mrs. field’s cook book)done! found a winning gingersnap recipe in The Weekend Baker.
  6. my grandma’s cream cookies with tasty pink icing and toasted coconut
  7. grandma’s sugar cookies
  8. 4-ingredient macaroons

Breads & Muffins:

  1. french toast muffins
  2. cinnamon quick bread
  3. no-yeast cinnamon buns
  4. toffee cinnamon rolls
  5. hazelnut-chocolate cinnamon rolls
  6. mini baked donuts
  7. vegan chocolate muffins-that-taste-and-look-like-donuts
  8. pumpkin-spice swirl bread
  9. filled chocolate chip muffins
  10. spelt bread (for my papa john)

Pies, Cakes and Cupcakes:

  1. caramel cupcakes
  2. caramel apple cheesecake pie. done! omggggg amazing. great, great pie.
  3. carrot cupcakes with maple cream cheese icing. done! the recipe was good, but not great, so i didn’t post. i’ll definitely make them again.
  4. turtle cheesecake cupcakes
  5. momofuku’s crack pie

Ice Cream

  1. Almond Joy
  2. strawberry cheesecake
  3. birthday cake

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