Healthy Eats:

. banana bites
. better-for-you chocolate chip cookies (coming soon!)
. peanut butter swirl pancakes
. protein coffee cake
. protein pancakes
. protein super oats
. protein waffles
. vegan banana bread

Worth Every Calorie Eats:


. buttermilk waffles
. easy eggs benedict (coming soon!)
. grilled banana sandwich
. photogenic buttermilk pancakes


. better-than-yo-mama’s banana bread

Bars & Brownies

. amazing fudgy Kahlua brownies
. mars bar rice krispie square
. blondies!

Cakes & Cupcakes

. hummingbird cupcakes


. cream cheese stuffed chocolate chip cookies
. fudgy, double chocolate cookies (from Mrs. Field’s)
. oatmeal cookies
. oreo truffles
. peanut butter cookies
. skor cookies
. soft, chewy gingersnaps
. snickerdoodles
. sweet kitchen sink cookies
. tried and true chocolate chip cookies

Things That Don’t Fit In

. cream cheese icing
. oh-my-god amazing apple crisp

go-to pecan pie


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