things i’ve learned.

1. If you want a treat, reaalllly want a treat, just have it. Otherwise, not only will you end up eating it anyway, you’ll eat about 6 other things trying to get rid of the craving.

2. Eating things that are not good for me, generally make me REALLY sick. i had one measly slice of greasy, cheesy, bacony (gross) pizza and i spent the rest of the day bent over holding my poor tummy. My poooor, poor tummy.

3. Its much easier to breeze through the weekend enjoying a few treats and working out for fun when i remind myself how amazing and capable my body is first. If i keep telling myself my body is hideous and it needs to change, i want to eat everything and lie on the couch all weekend.

4. There are times when your body just doesn’t want to get up at 5:20 a.m. and run on an empty tummy, so don’t force it.
(Also remember there is a difference between pushing yourself to do something you subconsciously want to, and forcing yourself to do something that your body is fighting. If that makes any sense.)

5. Pain is there to let you know something is wrong. If something hurts more than ‘i’m working really hard’ aches and tiredness, stop. It does not make you a weenie, a quitter or a failure, it makes you smart and aware of your body.

6. Never ever ever ever EVER go for a 1.5 hour long trail walk in flip-flops no matter how painless your boyfriend thinks it will be.

7. Cross training is a good thing. It tones your muscles, keeps you from getting bored, and prevents injury. Cross train!

8. Always always always stretch after running. Hips, calves, hamstrings, glutes. If you are like me the way of being 19 and having the joints of a 40-year-old, ice your ankles and knees during and after stretching.

9. Detoxes, cleanses, and fat flushes wreak havoc on your body and they don’t work. You’re just losing water weight. Skip ’em.

10. If you deprive your body of enough calories and nutritious food, you’ll binge, because that’s what brain is programmed to do; get as many calories as you can, just in case you go starving again.

11. You enjoy and remember your meals way more when you sit down, tv off, phone away, and just eat.


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