strength training.

weight lifting/strength training is AWESOME!

here’s a few reasons why:

. strength training boosts your metabolism and builds muscle. ‘build muscle’ does not mean ‘bulk up like Hasselhoff’, it means ‘get toned and have a fit looking body, which straight cardio will not do‘.

. lifting is known for breaking weight loss plateaus, because the calorie after-burn is higher, and because more muscle built = more calories burned while resting.

. its useful in real life. you’ll notice that physical tasks like carrying in groceries get easier in a couple weeks!

not convinced?
check out these fine ladies.

april @ foodsofapril
susan @ thegreatbalancingact
janetha @ mealsandmoves

they are proof that weightlifting 1) gives you sexy muscle and 2) does not turn you into Mr. Universe.
they also have awesome moves and workout plans to steal inspire you!

here’s a couple of my favourite moves:

and here are some simple moves that i fit in at work:


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