my man jordles and i just after our one year anniversary. 😀
ain’t he cuuuuute.
(just say yes)

me being excited for both of us, waiting for doc walker to play!

me having a good hair day.

this picture makes me want to cry laughing.. it was REALLY cold and we went skating on a river trail.

taking pictures all bundled up on a chairlift at giant’s ridge. we had SO much fun on this weekend!

and just to prove that i have a life outside of my boyfriend, here’s me hammered with my best friend devon!

the weekend after my graduation with some good people. this was easily one of the best weekends of my life. this was about 2 years ago, and i miss it!
Just sayinnn’ i’m 10-12 lbs lighter now though, and i think i look a lot healthier now.

andddd hammered with another good friend sarah.

having fun on a hot day when we went to the dollar store and made our own fun.
p.s. doesn’t it sooooo look like i’m sending off like a .. thunderwave of power with my boobs in the second one? ahahahahah.
and also, another old oldddd picture, and i’m much healthier-looking now. there would be no little belly hanging outta my jeans if i decided to take this same picture haha.

my parent’s schnauzer harley and my old cat, Cat. she went to a philipino family when i moved into an apartment, and i miss her more than life! i love animals, and i can’t wait for a house to have pets again.

and just to end this off on a high note, this hilarious picture.


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