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four letter word.

i could use any of these popular healthy-living phrases. . i’m not going on a diet, i’m overhauling my lifestyle. . i’m not going on a diet, i’m cutting back because i’m concerned about my health. . i’m not going … Continue reading

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so i’m going to get right down to business. i was just at the mall with jordan, strictly to pick up a plate of chinese food for a lazy supper. as we were about to head out the doors, i … Continue reading

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hay hay hayyy. hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! i just got home from dance, and decided to add 30 mins on the elliptical to my workout. woooo, burn fat, burn! i think going back to dance … Continue reading

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runnin’ style.

hay hay hayyyy. i’m blogging today because i just came in from an awesome run, and i don’t want to forget it. i warmed up with a short walkie-walk and a stretchie-stretch, and was off like a herd of turtles. … Continue reading

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consistency and more baking.

hay hay hayyyy. so, i’ve figured out my biggest obstacle in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. and i’m really shocked that it took me this long to figure it out. my biggest obstacle? i am SO inconsistent with my … Continue reading

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whoa, a post?!??!?!

hay hay hayyyyy. i haven’t really posted in what feels like so, so long. i have no excuses, i think i’m just starting to care a little less. hence my lack of comments on other blogs, because if i don’t … Continue reading

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