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week 3 & a lululemon love/hate rant.

Haaaay everyone. i’m sorry i was so uninvolved last week. it did nottt go well, diet-wise, and I’m just trying to get back on track. What went wrong: . i forgot i want to lose weight instead of maintaining. . … Continue reading

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hay hay hayyy. hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! i just got home from dance, and decided to add 30 mins on the elliptical to my workout. woooo, burn fat, burn! i think going back to dance … Continue reading

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runnin’ style.

hay hay hayyyy. i’m blogging today because i just came in from an awesome run, and i don’t want to forget it. i warmed up with a short walkie-walk and a stretchie-stretch, and was off like a herd of turtles. … Continue reading

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aerial dance comeback.

this used to be me. that’s not actually me, but i would be 20 feet in the air, using nothing but my bodyweight and stretchy fabric to hold me up. the blurry pictures above actually are me. this is aerial … Continue reading

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day 4 of HINE.

hay hay haaaay. wooo, almost the weekend. i’ll be honest, now that my birthday is a little closer i’m a teensy tiny bit excited about it. who can complain about getting attention and money and cake? On to day 4 … Continue reading

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camping and foreign foods!

hay hay haaayy! happy no-work monday. 🙂 i like to get descriptive, but i’m going to try my very best to do a quick weekend recap. jordles and i took off for a couple nights of camping in thief river … Continue reading

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dipping, wonky runs, and being nice.

hay hay haaay! huuuumpday. already. and the start of my favourite month! 😀 i love summer and everything, but september is just perfect, weather-wise. i also really enjoy the lack of children in the malls once september starts up. and … Continue reading

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