new moves.

Workout need a little boost? Here’s some fun moves that i don’t see around the gym very often, but are definitely effective.

Bulgarian split squats, an awesome BFL move.

Y-stands with band. i found this one on, and it solved my cannonball shoulders problem pretty quickly.

Daisies. These are something i learned in dance conditioning yearrrs ago, they make your butt and thighs look awesome.

Ball passes. i love these things. Add throwing a ball to any exercise and it triples the fun.

Side drops. No idea what they’re technically called, but that’s what they look like to me. Awesome for the obliques!

Swan dives. You mayyy be too embarrassed to do them at the gym, but they are FUN.

Dive bomb push-ups.

Hollow rockers. These were used as punishment in gymnastics. There is a reason gymnasts have six packs.
The key is to keep your body totally solid and use your abs, not your momentum, to keep you rocking.


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