aerial dance comeback.

this used to be me.

that’s not actually me, but i would be 20 feet in the air, using nothing but my bodyweight and stretchy fabric to hold me up.

the blurry pictures above actually are me.

this is aerial dance, and i used to LIVE for this shit.
it also gave me rock solid abs and arms.

i quit a few years ago, because
1) i got an eyebrow piercing, which wasn’t allowed because it could tear the fabrics.
2) i was teaching a class, and one of my girls fell and broke her wrist. i thought i was going to be scarred for life.
3) there was this little clique of catty, scrawny gymnasts who sent me home in tears a few times. these girls have all quit dance and gymnastics and gained the inevitable quitting-an-intensive-sport 30 pounds. ok, maybe not 30, but a solid 15 pounds.

well today, i e-mailed my old instructor, asking if it would be too late to register for the adult class.
i am so excited about this.

i’m at mama g’s right now, out on the deck, enjoying the sunshine but bored as bluuuuggghh.
i’ve been here so long i think a spider has actually used me as some kind of post to help spin it’s web.

so i’m going to tell you my workout plans for next week.

monday: 1/2 hour speedy walk/jog in the morning AND 1/2 hour evening run.
i’m hoping the speedy walking will help build footy-strength to help me run pain-free. and power walking with some jogging intervals is a million times easier than running in the morning.

tuesday: 1/2 hour upper body workout + 1/2 hour abs. if i’m going to be doing aerial dance again, i need to build as much upper body strength as i possibly can so i can do the bigger tricks.

wednesday: 1/2 hour walk/jog in the AM, 1/2 hour run evening.

thursday: full body strength workout, with emphasis on upper body and abs.

friday: yoga sesh + 30 day shred.

saturday: long run or an hour-long gym cardio machine spree.

sunday: relax and be a blob on the couch all day. 🙂

= 3 hrs of cardio, about 3 hrs of strengthwork and a little yoga. cool!

seee yaaaaaa.

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3 Responses to aerial dance comeback.

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  2. Melissa says:

    im looking into doing this dance in college, but im a bigger girl. any tips before starting? Or should I avoid it altogether?

    • That’s awesome! Definitely try it out. Size makes no difference in aerial dance.
      I think the most important thing is not to get discouraged when you’re starting out. For me, everything felt difficult in the beginning, but after a month or two you start to develop some serious upper body strength and the skills get easier. Ask your instructor for some conditioning or strength work you can do at home, and you will improve a little faster.
      Secondly, don’t compare yourself to anyone else in the class. Move at a pace that YOU are comfortable with, and you will have a blast.

      Good luck!

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