fighting food boredom.

heyyy everyone!
sorry i haven’t posted since day 1 of my lovely diet.
i’m already on day 5, wohooooo only 51 days to go!

i’m posting today because i’m terrified of plateauing. again.
i always stop losing weight at 133 lbs, and i think it’s because i eat the same foods, alllllll the time.

i eat:

. toast, eggs, or oatmeal for breakfast, with occassional protein pancakes or waffles.
. fruit + yogurt, cheese or nuts for morning and p.m. snacks. always.
. a tuna or turkey sandwich for lunch, or a tuna or turkey salad. the only time exception is if there are lots of leftovers for me to munch on.
. whatever jordan makes for supper, which has a pretty decent variety.

i need to change it up if i want to lose weight. being excited about the food i have makes ‘dieting’ so much easier.
if you have some ideas for me, holllaaaaaaa!

ideas for breakfast:
. grilled banana french toast
. breakfast wraps (eggs, veggies and cheese rolled up)
. sweet breakfast wraps (spread a tortilla with vanilla butter, cinnamon, and some brown sugar, roll up. could also do with pb, honey and banana. i would obviously need protein with this but its a cool idea!)
. wafflewich
. eggy/custard oats
. breakfast kebabs (piece of french toast or pancake or waffle, followed by a piece of fruit, and a side of maple syrup for dipping)
. smoothies

ideas for snacks:
. lettuce wraps (lettuce, turkey and cheese and a slice of apple rolled up).
. homemade granola bars, protein bars or trail mix with little or no non-fruit sugar.
. changing up my plain greek yogurt. add canned fruits, caramel or chocolate sauce and i have my own little Chobani factory.
. cracker sandwiches. I LOVE those things, just two crackers sandwiched with cheese and meat. i could even change it up with peanut butter and fruit.
. adding more veggies. (celery and peanut butter!)
. trying different fruits, like pears, bananas.. i love both, but i never buy them or pack them in my lunch.

ideas for lunch:
. not gonna lie, i love the idea of a pb, honey and banana wrap for lunch, regardless of the obscene amounts of carbs involved. maybe i could do halfsies?
. a cooked whole wheat jumbo pasta shell or 2, stuffed with tuna or some kind of meaty filling. could even be filled with salad.
. i bet i could do lunch kebabs. bread, meat, cheese, veggie with a side tzatziki for dipping? yeeeah.
. new and interesting sandwich choices. try new veggies!

allrighty, that’s all for today.
thanks for stoppin’ by.

toodles! ๐Ÿ™‚

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four letter word.

i could use any of these popular healthy-living phrases.
. i’m not going on a diet, i’m overhauling my lifestyle.
. i’m not going on a diet, i’m cutting back because i’m concerned about my health.
. i’m not going on a diet, i’m challenging myself to reduce my intake of sugar and treats, and up my exercise.

instead of dancing around the truth, i’m just going to say, yes. i’m going on a diet.

i’m usually very anti-diet, and mingle with the diet-is-a-four-letter-word crowd.
but i’ve been 133 pounds, give or take a couple pounds, for 3 years. and i’m sick of it.

my main reasons for wanting to lose weight:

it’s really difficult to lift and hold my body weight during skills in dance, so i’m not mastering skills and learning new ones as quickly as i want to. losing weight would make dance much easier for me.

i’m going to mexico in january. ’nuff said.

My Goal: lose 10 lbs in 6-8 weeks.

Longer-term Goal: lose 15 lbs by April, maintain my weight for a couple months, and finish a sprint triathlon or a 10K race.

How I’m Going to Accomplish My 10-lb Loss Goal:

1. Exercise consistently. i’m going to get in 3 solid cardio workouts per week, and one strength workout in addition to my dance classes, which i count as strength work. Consistency is my biggest problem, so making exercise a habit and enjoying it will be key.

2. Eating clean. i have a really good, healthy diet, but i tend to overdo it on weekends.
Since the holidays are coming up, i know eating clean will be a struggle, but i’m going to do my best to grab a plate of veggies and some cheese instead of chips and treats.
i will work in one cheat meal per week, because i think i’ll go insane if i don’t.

3. Be positive! If i work out and eat well, i WILL lose weight. It’s science.
Remember that regardless of my weight, i will always be beautiful, smart, funny, beautiful, caring, beautiful, an awesome baker, beautiful, strong and BEAUTIFUL.

4. Get lots of sleep, lots of water, and enough food. i should never feel deprived.

i can do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 1, Week 1.

Breakfast: 1/3 cup of oatmeal, cooked the low-and-slow way. Topped with flax, stevia and cinnamon, and 1/2 a frozen banana.

Andddd of course some French press coffee with almond milk. i also had 1/2 cup of moo juice (… normal people call it “cow’s milk”) after my oats.

Snack #1: an apple and sunbutter. one of my favourite snacks.

Lunch: leftover taco salad. My stomach started hurting like no frickin’ tomorrow after a few bites of this, so i didn’t finish it.

Snack #2: plain greek yogurt in a spongebob container.

and supper was an unpictured lean pork chop, some creamy mashed potatoes with corn.


i worked out a new solution for me to go to the gym without inconveniencing jordan too much.
(we put his car away for winter, so we’re down to one car for a few months.)
He drives me to the gym right after work, i work out, then bus home. pretty simple.

so today i went to the gym for the first time in quite a while, and had a lovely cardio sesh.

i did:
20 minutes on the treadmill. walked for 5 minutes, alternated running and walking for 15 minutes. turns out, running on a treadmill is SO much easier than running outside! i always thought it was the other way around.
next, i hopped on the stationary bike for another 10 minutes.
i’m already thinking about that potential triathlon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

i had a few minutes to stretch before changing and zipping out the door to catch the loser cruiser. so far, i like this new system! i didn’t even get lost or end up on the wrong bus. i’m very proud of myself.

i also like my workout schedule, it’s kind of nice knowing that i don’t have to go to the gym again until friday.

monday – cardio right after work.
tuesday – at-home strength workout.
wednesday – Pilates and chin-up bar workout.
thursday – dance (aerial fabric).
friday – cardio right after work.
saturday – dance (hoop and trapeze) and cardio afterwards.

3 cardio sessions, 3 solid strength sessions. ๐Ÿ™‚

that’s all for today, check back for day 2 tomorrow!

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so i’m going to get right down to business.
i was just at the mall with jordan, strictly to pick up a plate of chinese food for a lazy supper.

as we were about to head out the doors, i remembered how chilly it was and went to button my cute American Eagle peacoat.
i always struggle with the chest button, thanks to my very ample bosom.
as i was clumsily doing up said button, some youngster bitch had the nerve to say “squeeeeeeeze! harharharharharharhar..” to her youngster bitch friend.

it took a lot of restraint to take the high road, pretend i hadn’t heard and stroll off obliviously, instead of setting her straight.
(it would have been pretty embarrassing to have my ass handed to me by a 13-year-old.)

first of all, no one deserves to overhear snide comments about their weight. didn’t your parents teach you goddamn manners?
one of the first lessons i learned in life was ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’.
i realize that doesn’t jive with everyone, but whatevs. it’s always worked for me.

second of all, OH NO YOU DIDN’T.
i did not deserve that comment in any way. i’m not overweight, i’m not skinny. i’m average, with loads of muscle, and blessed with 34E boobs. so you can shove it.

that’s all.

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hay hay hayyy.
hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

i just got home from dance, and decided to add 30 mins on the elliptical to my workout. woooo, burn fat, burn!

i think going back to dance was the best decision i’ve made this year.
making cream cheese stuffed chocolate chip cookies is definitely in the top 5 best decisions, but going back to dance tops it.

since going back to dance 2 weeks ago, i have:

  • lost the 5 pounds that stressing and fretting about going back to dance, resulting in overeating, put on. so i’m back at my average 133 lbs.
  • considered sending my bathroom scale to Mythbusters so they can blow it up on tv. seriously, every time i convince myself that it’s ok to step on the scale and know how much i weigh, that stupid number stays in my head for weeks and drives me a little bonkers. the scale is a great tool for some people, and i am not one of those people.
  • ran a great 5K.
  • developed some major muscle in my arms and tummy. honest to goodness, it looks like i’ve put on 3 or 4 pounds of muscle. in two weeks.
  • developed more balanced, better eating habits. i feel like my relationship with food is changing, little by little. i’m starting to think of it more as delicious nutritious fuel, and not a comfort.
  • gained confidence. bitches, i can hold all my body weight on one arm or dangling on one foot from a trapeze, i deserve some confidence! (sorry, you’re not actually bitches. and i know some readers could definitely kick my booty when it comes to strengthwork.)


that’s all i have to say today.
time to get my bake on! christmas is only… 5 weekends away! …… !!!!!!!!!!!!
up for today is Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Truffle Brownies (for my treat loving boss’s birthday) and Oatmeal Carmelitas (for Christmas baking).


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runnin’ style.

hay hay hayyyy.

i’m blogging today because i just came in from an awesome run, and i don’t want to forget it.
i warmed up with a short walkie-walk and a stretchie-stretch, and was off like a herd of turtles.

here’s the plan that i came up with while starting out:

. go 0.25 miles at an easy, could-probably-run-a-marathon-if-someone-gave-me-jellybeans pace. which for me, is about 12 min/mile.

. then, go 0.25 miles at a tougher, actually-feels-like-i’m-running pace. which is 10 min/mile for me.

. complete this cycle for the first 2 miles, and then just try to finish the last mile at my jog (12 min/mile) pace.

it was awesome!
it didn’t go exactly as planned, because i got a huge stitch at 1.83 miles and thought i was either going to puke or die, so i walked a bit.
i also walked for a few minutes of my last mile.
that third mile was SO hard. i was running into the wind and being pelted by little bitty balls of frozen snow, and i’m only used to only going 2 miles, so my body was kind of going ‘WTF, WHY I AM STILL OUT HERE’.

but i eventually made it home and collapsed panting on the stairway leading up to my apartment. don’t judge.

i finished 3.2 miles in 38 minutes! it’s not speedy, but that is totally okay with me. i’m not racing anyone, and i had quite a few walking breaks in there.
i’m proud i didn’t cut it short, or give up and just walk the last mile.

i will definitely be using the same interval-style for my next run.

well, i think that’s all for today.
toodles! ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. i felt NO pain during my little jaunt.
aside from the killer side stitch, i guess, but i couldn’t really do much about that.
but my ankles, hips, legs… all good!

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consistency and more baking.

hay hay hayyyy.

so, i’ve figured out my biggest obstacle in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.
and i’m really shocked that it took me this long to figure it out.

my biggest obstacle? i am SO inconsistent with my healthy habits.

yes, sometimes i run 4 days a week and lift weights the other 2, while eating a balanced and usually treat-free diet.
but other times i don’t work out for a week, i live off caramel apple cheesecake pie or halloween candy, and i just don’t care if i’m fit and healthy or not.
this is my problem.
i want to be more balanced!

instead of giving it my all one week and putting no effort into my body the next week, i want to be working out 4-6 days a week, and eating delicious nutritious food 80-90% of the time.
that sounds so much more appealing than wondering if i’m going to be on or off the wagon next week.

i’m going to start slow, with 4 workouts per week and eating healthy 80% of the time.

that means:

  1. i only need to run or go to the gym twice a week to meet my 4 workouts per week goal, because dance twice a week is a super mega challenging upper body and ab workout. both times. it doesn’t get much simpler!
  2. out of the approx. 35 meals i have per week, up to 7 of them can be indulgent or include a treat. yup, that means i could actually have a treat every day, if i was so inclined.

my goal is to stick with it for 3 weeks to a month, depending on how comfortable i am.
i really want to make taking care of my body a habit, instead of a fleeting thing.

in other news, here’s more stuff i really want to bake!

pumpkin pie white chocolate cups
fluffy baked doughnuts
super cute petite vanilla bean scones”>peanut butter cookie cream cheese candy bars
oatmeal caramel candy treats
oreo swirl brownie bars

and i still have so, so many delicious recipes that i’ve made, but i haven’t posted.

i don’t think i will ever delete my blog, strictly because of all the amazing recipes i would lose.

oh well. that’s my life.

toodles! ๐Ÿ™‚

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whoa, a post?!??!?!

hay hay hayyyyy.

i haven’t really posted in what feels like so, so long.

i have no excuses, i think i’m just starting to care a little less.
hence my lack of comments on other blogs, because if i don’t care who’s reading, why bother commenting on something pointless just so someone will come visit?


oh well. hi to anyone who still reads! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are a couple of things i have learned this month:

. i can go from doing knee push-ups to 20 consecutive manly push-ups in a month! wohooo.

. lululemon AND u of manitoba have free yoga classes, and i’m going to jump on it.

. putting a lot of pressure on myself to lose weight is the best way to make me panic, eat like crazy, get a little depressed, and gain weight.

. every meal is a chance to start over.

. you need bad runs to really appreciate the good runs. although i don’t think any run should be considered ‘bad’, because anything is better than nothing.

. 3 degrees celsius is not thaaaaat cold when you’re running.

. doing a couple of exercises in the morning while your coffee is brewing gets you in the mindset for a happy, healthy day. and slowly builds muscle.

. a French press and a tiiiny bit of milk makes your coffee experience so much better.

. carving a pumpkin is so, so so gross, but i’m pretty damn good at making it look nice. next year, foam pumpkins.

. candy at Halloween is pretty much unavoidable, so enjoy it a little bit.

Things I want to do in November:

. keep running! which means i will either have to drive to the gym or quit being a pansy and run in the cold. i want to really push myself and see if i can get up to 6 miles.

. start dance! this thursday! ๐Ÿ˜€

. bake candy bar doughnuts.

. continue with my Christmas baking! i plan on actually making money on it this year. i’ve made quite a name for myself from bringing homemade treats to work, and people want whole trays for Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

. try free yoga with my sister!

. depending on my financial situation, start workin’ out with a personal trainer once a week.

. get up recipes before i forget i even made them. white chocolate pumpkin cookies, fiddle diddles, caramel apple cheesecake pie, easy sweet rolls… uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh.

. love life, don’t let my weight get me down. enjoy running and dance, and make healthy choices more often than not. wooo, go me!

that’s alllll for now. toodles. ๐Ÿ™‚

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