first post of the new year!

haaaay everyone. i hope 2011 has been good so far!

my body hasn’t really figured out that it’s not the holidays anymore, so i’ve been eating sweets like a crazy woman, simply because they’re there.
it’s a big pain in the butt, especially since i leave for mexico this friday.
i froze the contents of the cookie jar and am ignoring the massive candy and chocolate stash we acquired from christmas, hopefully a week with a little less sweetness will make my body feel a little better.

it’s been about 10 days since i’ve posted my resolutions, so i’m going to do a quick review. 🙂

1. Finish a duathlon or a 10K race.
Honestly, after reading Caitlin‘s post about an obstacle race, I realized THAT is the kind of race I would love what I love doing. I only run because it’s an easier, convenient form of cardio, although it makes me feel pretty accomplished. But I rarely get runner’s high, I get super bored on the treadmill, I’m never really excited about running.
After that revelation, I’m not sure I want to run a 10K anymore. I probably will, just to say I did it, but I’m definitely going to do some research about obstacle races/courses in my city. It sounds like a total blast!

2. Do a beautiful, clean and controlled double barrel roll on fabric.

3. Gain flexibility.
I’ve been stretching like a maniac, and believe it or not, I already see a difference. Better oversplit, lower straddle, hands are closer to my feet in a backbend. 🙂

4. Save 10% of my paycheck, at the very least.

5. Cook dinner once a week.
Yeah! 😀 i’m doing good, so far. i made chicken parmesan, and a chicken tortilla bake. both turned out really well!

6. Make a layered, filled, frosted cake, decorated using fondant.
Cake Boss, here i come!

7. Feel totally comfortable in my own skin.
… I’m working on it.

Resolutions I’m adding now:

1. Do chin-ups! I came SOOOOOOOO close the other day, I’m for sure going to do it this year.
2. Don’t kill the constantly screaming child next door.

That’s all for now. Toodles. 🙂

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