haaay everyone!

sorry, i’m not posting about my diet anymore.
i don’t consider myself a quitter, but after two weeks of feeling deprived, stressed and surrounded by goodies, i decided that being on a diet during the holidays is setting yourself up to fail. so i put dieting aside for now.

although, as i said in my last rant-y post, i am pretty sick of diets.
maybe they’ll take a permanent hiatus from my life.

my current goals are to maintain my weight, keep my fitness levels up, and don’t waste calories on drinks or treats i don’t even like.
if i’m gonna be eating a 1000 calorie meal, it better be goddamn delicious.

Speaking of goals, it’s almost the new year! Time to make some resolutions. 😀

i love making resolutions, especially since i vowed to never set ‘i will lose 15 lbs this year!’ as a resolution again.

i’ll revisit my resolutions monthly on the blog. the main reason people don’t follow through with resolutions is because they lose motivation, or they forget about them. monthly reminders will definitely help me stay focused on getting ‘er done.

Here’s what i’ve come up with so far:

1. Finish a duathlon or a 10K race. Sign up when i start training (about 2 months before the race), so i’m much less likely to poop out at the last minute.

2. Do a beautiful, clean and controlled double barrel roll on fabric.
The only way i’ll accomplish this is to develop lots of upper body strength and CONTROL.
If i consistently show my instructor that i’m focused and controlled, i’ll relearn skills faster, and could be double barrelling it up by this time next year.

3. Gain flexibility.
i am super duper bendy already, but i want to be sickeningly flexible.
i’m doing 1/2 hour of stretching at work daily, and will work in 20 mins of assisted (a.k.a. harder and more painful) flexibility training twice a week.

4. Save 10% of my paycheck, at the very least.

5. Cook dinner once a week.
Jordan does pretty much all the cooking in our household, because i’m “not good at it”. which could be balogna, i cook so rarely i can’t really tell if i’m no good at it.
Find some fun recipes, do some research, get cookin’!

6. Make a layered, filled, frosted cake, decorated using fondant.
Cake Boss, here i come!

7. Feel totally comfortable in my own skin.
There’s no guarantee i can accomplish this lofty goal this year, but i can do my best to cut back on fat talk, do a double take and yell out “daaaaayyyummm!” when i walk past my own reflection, and accept who i am.

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