brain ramblings.

i want to be thinner.
i want to be healthy.
i want to be super muscly, and at the top of my dance class, whipping off chin-ups like they’re no big deal.

i want to eat real food.
i want sweets.
i want to try new foods.
i want to be balanced.
i want to care less about what I’m eating. a lot less.

i want to stick to a diet.
i don’t want to diet at all.

i want to be powerful.
i want to be successful.
i want to be serene, calm and focused.
i want to be confident, and totally secure with my body.

i want to do yoga and pilates.
i want to run a marathon.
i want to finish a triathlon.
i want to stretch like a contortionist.
i want to do double barrel rolls on fabric again.

i never want to look in the mirror and think anything other than “i’m gorgeous!” again.

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