week 3 & a lululemon love/hate rant.

Haaaay everyone.
i’m sorry i was so uninvolved last week. it did nottt go well, diet-wise, and I’m just trying to get back on track.

What went wrong:
. i forgot i want to lose weight instead of maintaining.
. i ate tons of sweets on wednesday night, friday night, saturday night, andddd sunday night.
. i didn’t tell myself that i’m beautiful every single day, which i need to do, because I’m very forgetful.

What i will be doing right this week:

. keeping track of my sweet intake.
. doing my regular workouts.
. some positive self-talk and reviewing my weight loss plan everyyyydaayyyuuhhh.
. not eating any baking during the week. On the weekend, i’ll pick one or two treats to indulge in, have my fill, then stop.
. add in as much extra exercise as i can. for example, this morning i did a few minutes of pilates, used the foam roller on my legs and stretched while my coffee was making itself, instead of staring mindlessly at my phone. Little things add up!

i think that’s all i can do, at this point.

i started off today with a tasty, boring, not-sugary breakfast to counter my high fat, high sugar weekend.

Two pieces sprouted grain toast w/ cream cheese and some jam. Please excuse the crap picture, trying to take a picture without my glasses is pretty much pointless.

i also had a mug of coffee and a cup of milk.

snacks were also very basic, low-added sugar foods.

an apple and some turkey on the side.
and unpictured plain greek yogurt with a tiny squirt of caramel sauce.

lunch was a new spicy veggie-y lentilly soup and some leftover roasted chicken.

delicious and nutritious.

i also had a nice gym sesh after work. another 20 minute interval run, followed by 10 minutes on the elliptical.
i wore my beaaautifullll new (on sale) Lululemon crops and $19 tank top, which i’m pretty sure made me run faster.

i really wish i didn’t love Lulu.

if you haven’t gotten on that train yet, don’t. save yourself.

because once you wear a pair of Lulu Groove pants or a Scuba hoodie, you’re toast.
you are condemned to buying 120 dollar spandex pants and hoodies for the rest of your life, because no 12 dollar spandex pants or hoodies will have the same “je ne sais quoi”.
not even joking.

on the bright side, my big sister Alicia and i are going to Lululemon’s free yoga class this Sunday! I’m excited. i hope its not boring as hell, but i’ll let you know how it goes.

have a good night!

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