week 2.

haaay all!
i hope you had a great weekend.

on to week 2 of mah diet.
i was very successful last week, but on the weekend i treated myself a littttttle too much and didn’t lose the pound i wanted to.

friday night: decided to have my cheat meal of chocolate, while lying in bed watching true blood. it made me feel like a diva.
saturday: dad’s company christmas party. ate 3 or 4 chocolate covered blueberries and 7-10 christmas jelly bells. i frickin’ love those things and i have no idea why.
sunday: had a horrible day and got in a big fight with jordan, so my mama came over with a movie, white cheddar popcorn and Nibs to cheer me up. ❤ my mama.

a fewwww too many treats.
its very frustrating to know if i had stayed away from the jelly bells and popcorn i would probably be 132 lbs and on my way down to 131 right now. but i enjoyed every bite, so i'll live with it.

It means i'm going to need to work extra hard this week, though.

Workout schedule is pretty much the same as last week. Cardio today, friday and saturday, and lots of strengthwork in between.

i'm definitely noticing a difference in my body from all the dance and strengthwork! my arms and stomach are more toned, and my legs are leaner.

wohoooo. i am ready to kick this plateau's ass!

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