fighting food boredom.

heyyy everyone!
sorry i haven’t posted since day 1 of my lovely diet.
i’m already on day 5, wohooooo only 51 days to go!

i’m posting today because i’m terrified of plateauing. again.
i always stop losing weight at 133 lbs, and i think it’s because i eat the same foods, alllllll the time.

i eat:

. toast, eggs, or oatmeal for breakfast, with occassional protein pancakes or waffles.
. fruit + yogurt, cheese or nuts for morning and p.m. snacks. always.
. a tuna or turkey sandwich for lunch, or a tuna or turkey salad. the only time exception is if there are lots of leftovers for me to munch on.
. whatever jordan makes for supper, which has a pretty decent variety.

i need to change it up if i want to lose weight. being excited about the food i have makes ‘dieting’ so much easier.
if you have some ideas for me, holllaaaaaaa!

ideas for breakfast:
. grilled banana french toast
. breakfast wraps (eggs, veggies and cheese rolled up)
. sweet breakfast wraps (spread a tortilla with vanilla butter, cinnamon, and some brown sugar, roll up. could also do with pb, honey and banana. i would obviously need protein with this but its a cool idea!)
. wafflewich
. eggy/custard oats
. breakfast kebabs (piece of french toast or pancake or waffle, followed by a piece of fruit, and a side of maple syrup for dipping)
. smoothies

ideas for snacks:
. lettuce wraps (lettuce, turkey and cheese and a slice of apple rolled up).
. homemade granola bars, protein bars or trail mix with little or no non-fruit sugar.
. changing up my plain greek yogurt. add canned fruits, caramel or chocolate sauce and i have my own little Chobani factory.
. cracker sandwiches. I LOVE those things, just two crackers sandwiched with cheese and meat. i could even change it up with peanut butter and fruit.
. adding more veggies. (celery and peanut butter!)
. trying different fruits, like pears, bananas.. i love both, but i never buy them or pack them in my lunch.

ideas for lunch:
. not gonna lie, i love the idea of a pb, honey and banana wrap for lunch, regardless of the obscene amounts of carbs involved. maybe i could do halfsies?
. a cooked whole wheat jumbo pasta shell or 2, stuffed with tuna or some kind of meaty filling. could even be filled with salad.
. i bet i could do lunch kebabs. bread, meat, cheese, veggie with a side tzatziki for dipping? yeeeah.
. new and interesting sandwich choices. try new veggies!

allrighty, that’s all for today.
thanks for stoppin’ by.

toodles! 🙂

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One Response to fighting food boredom.

  1. Emily says:

    A Chobani factory? Sounds wonderful. 🙂 Thanks for snackin’ with us!

    Communications Manager
    Chobani Greek Yogurt

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