four letter word.

i could use any of these popular healthy-living phrases.
. i’m not going on a diet, i’m overhauling my lifestyle.
. i’m not going on a diet, i’m cutting back because i’m concerned about my health.
. i’m not going on a diet, i’m challenging myself to reduce my intake of sugar and treats, and up my exercise.

instead of dancing around the truth, i’m just going to say, yes. i’m going on a diet.

i’m usually very anti-diet, and mingle with the diet-is-a-four-letter-word crowd.
but i’ve been 133 pounds, give or take a couple pounds, for 3 years. and i’m sick of it.

my main reasons for wanting to lose weight:

it’s really difficult to lift and hold my body weight during skills in dance, so i’m not mastering skills and learning new ones as quickly as i want to. losing weight would make dance much easier for me.

i’m going to mexico in january. ’nuff said.

My Goal: lose 10 lbs in 6-8 weeks.

Longer-term Goal: lose 15 lbs by April, maintain my weight for a couple months, and finish a sprint triathlon or a 10K race.

How I’m Going to Accomplish My 10-lb Loss Goal:

1. Exercise consistently. i’m going to get in 3 solid cardio workouts per week, and one strength workout in addition to my dance classes, which i count as strength work. Consistency is my biggest problem, so making exercise a habit and enjoying it will be key.

2. Eating clean. i have a really good, healthy diet, but i tend to overdo it on weekends.
Since the holidays are coming up, i know eating clean will be a struggle, but i’m going to do my best to grab a plate of veggies and some cheese instead of chips and treats.
i will work in one cheat meal per week, because i think i’ll go insane if i don’t.

3. Be positive! If i work out and eat well, i WILL lose weight. It’s science.
Remember that regardless of my weight, i will always be beautiful, smart, funny, beautiful, caring, beautiful, an awesome baker, beautiful, strong and BEAUTIFUL.

4. Get lots of sleep, lots of water, and enough food. i should never feel deprived.

i can do it! 🙂

Day 1, Week 1.

Breakfast: 1/3 cup of oatmeal, cooked the low-and-slow way. Topped with flax, stevia and cinnamon, and 1/2 a frozen banana.

Andddd of course some French press coffee with almond milk. i also had 1/2 cup of moo juice (… normal people call it “cow’s milk”) after my oats.

Snack #1: an apple and sunbutter. one of my favourite snacks.

Lunch: leftover taco salad. My stomach started hurting like no frickin’ tomorrow after a few bites of this, so i didn’t finish it.

Snack #2: plain greek yogurt in a spongebob container.

and supper was an unpictured lean pork chop, some creamy mashed potatoes with corn.


i worked out a new solution for me to go to the gym without inconveniencing jordan too much.
(we put his car away for winter, so we’re down to one car for a few months.)
He drives me to the gym right after work, i work out, then bus home. pretty simple.

so today i went to the gym for the first time in quite a while, and had a lovely cardio sesh.

i did:
20 minutes on the treadmill. walked for 5 minutes, alternated running and walking for 15 minutes. turns out, running on a treadmill is SO much easier than running outside! i always thought it was the other way around.
next, i hopped on the stationary bike for another 10 minutes.
i’m already thinking about that potential triathlon! 😉

i had a few minutes to stretch before changing and zipping out the door to catch the loser cruiser. so far, i like this new system! i didn’t even get lost or end up on the wrong bus. i’m very proud of myself.

i also like my workout schedule, it’s kind of nice knowing that i don’t have to go to the gym again until friday.

monday – cardio right after work.
tuesday – at-home strength workout.
wednesday – Pilates and chin-up bar workout.
thursday – dance (aerial fabric).
friday – cardio right after work.
saturday – dance (hoop and trapeze) and cardio afterwards.

3 cardio sessions, 3 solid strength sessions. 🙂

that’s all for today, check back for day 2 tomorrow!

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