runnin’ style.

hay hay hayyyy.

i’m blogging today because i just came in from an awesome run, and i don’t want to forget it.
i warmed up with a short walkie-walk and a stretchie-stretch, and was off like a herd of turtles.

here’s the plan that i came up with while starting out:

. go 0.25 miles at an easy, could-probably-run-a-marathon-if-someone-gave-me-jellybeans pace. which for me, is about 12 min/mile.

. then, go 0.25 miles at a tougher, actually-feels-like-i’m-running pace. which is 10 min/mile for me.

. complete this cycle for the first 2 miles, and then just try to finish the last mile at my jog (12 min/mile) pace.

it was awesome!
it didn’t go exactly as planned, because i got a huge stitch at 1.83 miles and thought i was either going to puke or die, so i walked a bit.
i also walked for a few minutes of my last mile.
that third mile was SO hard. i was running into the wind and being pelted by little bitty balls of frozen snow, and i’m only used to only going 2 miles, so my body was kind of going ‘WTF, WHY I AM STILL OUT HERE’.

but i eventually made it home and collapsed panting on the stairway leading up to my apartment. don’t judge.

i finished 3.2 miles in 38 minutes! it’s not speedy, but that is totally okay with me. i’m not racing anyone, and i had quite a few walking breaks in there.
i’m proud i didn’t cut it short, or give up and just walk the last mile.

i will definitely be using the same interval-style for my next run.

well, i think that’s all for today.
toodles! 🙂

p.s. i felt NO pain during my little jaunt.
aside from the killer side stitch, i guess, but i couldn’t really do much about that.
but my ankles, hips, legs… all good!

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