consistency and more baking.

hay hay hayyyy.

so, i’ve figured out my biggest obstacle in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.
and i’m really shocked that it took me this long to figure it out.

my biggest obstacle? i am SO inconsistent with my healthy habits.

yes, sometimes i run 4 days a week and lift weights the other 2, while eating a balanced and usually treat-free diet.
but other times i don’t work out for a week, i live off caramel apple cheesecake pie or halloween candy, and i just don’t care if i’m fit and healthy or not.
this is my problem.
i want to be more balanced!

instead of giving it my all one week and putting no effort into my body the next week, i want to be working out 4-6 days a week, and eating delicious nutritious food 80-90% of the time.
that sounds so much more appealing than wondering if i’m going to be on or off the wagon next week.

i’m going to start slow, with 4 workouts per week and eating healthy 80% of the time.

that means:

  1. i only need to run or go to the gym twice a week to meet my 4 workouts per week goal, because dance twice a week is a super mega challenging upper body and ab workout. both times. it doesn’t get much simpler!
  2. out of the approx. 35 meals i have per week, up to 7 of them can be indulgent or include a treat. yup, that means i could actually have a treat every day, if i was so inclined.

my goal is to stick with it for 3 weeks to a month, depending on how comfortable i am.
i really want to make taking care of my body a habit, instead of a fleeting thing.

in other news, here’s more stuff i really want to bake!

pumpkin pie white chocolate cups
fluffy baked doughnuts
super cute petite vanilla bean scones”>peanut butter cookie cream cheese candy bars
oatmeal caramel candy treats
oreo swirl brownie bars

and i still have so, so many delicious recipes that i’ve made, but i haven’t posted.

i don’t think i will ever delete my blog, strictly because of all the amazing recipes i would lose.

oh well. that’s my life.

toodles! 🙂

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One Response to consistency and more baking.

  1. paijery says:

    I am pretty much having the same problem as you! It’s so hard for me to be consistent with exercising. I love your goals and I know you’re going to do awesome!

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