whoa, a post?!??!?!

hay hay hayyyyy.

i haven’t really posted in what feels like so, so long.

i have no excuses, i think i’m just starting to care a little less.
hence my lack of comments on other blogs, because if i don’t care who’s reading, why bother commenting on something pointless just so someone will come visit?


oh well. hi to anyone who still reads! 🙂

Here are a couple of things i have learned this month:

. i can go from doing knee push-ups to 20 consecutive manly push-ups in a month! wohooo.

. lululemon AND u of manitoba have free yoga classes, and i’m going to jump on it.

. putting a lot of pressure on myself to lose weight is the best way to make me panic, eat like crazy, get a little depressed, and gain weight.

. every meal is a chance to start over.

. you need bad runs to really appreciate the good runs. although i don’t think any run should be considered ‘bad’, because anything is better than nothing.

. 3 degrees celsius is not thaaaaat cold when you’re running.

. doing a couple of exercises in the morning while your coffee is brewing gets you in the mindset for a happy, healthy day. and slowly builds muscle.

. a French press and a tiiiny bit of milk makes your coffee experience so much better.

. carving a pumpkin is so, so so gross, but i’m pretty damn good at making it look nice. next year, foam pumpkins.

. candy at Halloween is pretty much unavoidable, so enjoy it a little bit.

Things I want to do in November:

. keep running! which means i will either have to drive to the gym or quit being a pansy and run in the cold. i want to really push myself and see if i can get up to 6 miles.

. start dance! this thursday! 😀

. bake candy bar doughnuts.

. continue with my Christmas baking! i plan on actually making money on it this year. i’ve made quite a name for myself from bringing homemade treats to work, and people want whole trays for Christmas. 🙂

. try free yoga with my sister!

. depending on my financial situation, start workin’ out with a personal trainer once a week.

. get up recipes before i forget i even made them. white chocolate pumpkin cookies, fiddle diddles, caramel apple cheesecake pie, easy sweet rolls… uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh.

. love life, don’t let my weight get me down. enjoy running and dance, and make healthy choices more often than not. wooo, go me!

that’s alllll for now. toodles. 🙂

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