day 4 of HINE.

hay hay haaaay.
wooo, almost the weekend.

i’ll be honest, now that my birthday is a little closer i’m a teensy tiny bit excited about it.

who can complain about getting attention and money and cake?

On to day 4 of HINE.

Started off with another simple, yummy breakfast.
An egg + extra whites, with lots of pepper and ketchup, sandwiched between two delicious slices of fluffy sprouted grain bread. ❤

i had a bit of a sweet craving, so i also had a dark chocolate wafer.
.. what? don’t act like you’ve never had chocolate at breakfast.

snack #1: an apple and a small handful of hazelnuts.
i prefer almonds, but the hazelnuts are a nice change. they’re also the only nut i have in the house that isn’t chocolate covered.

lunch: the last of the leftover taco salad. yuuum.

snack #2: honey greek yogurt. i only have one left! 😦

pre-workout: pretzel crackers. i got smart and ate them on the way home from work, so they wouldn’t give me side stitches when i worked out a little more than 1/2 hour later.

workout: i did half hour of weights, for the first time in aaaaages. eh. i still hate strengthwork as much as i did the last time i did it.

supper: a grilled cheese on ezekiel, carrots and some grilled chicken for more protein. random, but wholesome and delicious.

i then went on to spend the rest of the evening with my other loooove, baking. 😀

i’ll put up the recipes soon, but i’ll put up these pictures as a teaser.

that’s all for today.

on to the fifth and final day of my HINE plan tomorrow.

toodles! 🙂

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2 Responses to day 4 of HINE.

  1. Republic Monetary says:

    I have to know what that last picture is and how to make it – those look amazing!

  2. debbie says:

    Agreed – can’t wait for that recipe! Those cookies look amazing too. Have a good weekend!

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