day 2 of HINE plan, and birthday woes.

hay hay haaayy.
i just about died laughing when i realized the anagram of my How I Normally Eat plan is HINE. pronounced ‘hiney’ of course.

day 2 of HINE:

i started off the day with 2 slices of toast with butter, 1 egg, and a whole lotta whites loaded with fresh ground pepper.

i just had to have a slice of homemade white bread along with my sprouted grain, even though its not in the plan.
its SO good.

i also added on 1/2 cup of milk, remembering yesterday’s lack of calories.

snack #1 was a cold banana oat bite with a blob of White Chocolate Wonderful pb.
i loooved this snack. its also providing me with some extra carbs to fall back on when i go for a run later tonight.

lunch: a boring but tasty flatout wrap with lettuce, chicken, tomato and a little mayo. very little mayo.
snack #2: an apple and 1 oz cheese.
such a simple, satisying snack.

i ate a handful of pretzel-crackers pre-run for some insta-carbs and a little salt to help retain water.

unnnnfortuneately, my run was not the greatest. i haven’t done any heel raises or ankle-strengthening this weekend/week and my ankles hated me after only 10 minutes, so i took lots of walking breaks. i barely even broke a sweat. 😦

ahhh well. at least i got outside and got off my bum. 🙂

i’m going to do lotssss of lower body strengthwork, specifically heel raises to beef up my ankles, and head back out in a couple days.

i came home to jordan’s deliciousss taco salad! i enjoyed 1.5 bowls with a coke zero.

Other news from my life:

i can tell i am not going to be someone who ages happily and gracefully.

i’m turning 20 next week and i’ve been nothing but depressed about my birthday, because i’m not having a big ‘errebody get stupid drunk with me because i’m 20‘ birthday party.

in fact, i barely drink anymore.
i hardly even talk to the people i used to drink with every weekend.

my b-day plans are more like ‘go have cake with my parents and family and get new all-season tires for my car as a present because i’m 20 but i’m smart and responsible’.


oh well. i’ll get over it.

and treat myself with another trip to vegas for my 21st birthday.
maybe i’ll even stay at the Luxor and have a run-in with Criss Angel.
and go see Cirque du Soleil next time. Specifically O.

Do you ever feel ‘way too young to feel this damn old’ like me? How did you get the depressing thoughts to take a hike?

that’s all my rambles for today.
on to Day 3 of my HINE plan tomorrow!

i think i’m going to make some 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies. i won’t eat ’em, but i will stand over them and waft the smell up my nose until i pass out.

toodles. 🙂

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4 Responses to day 2 of HINE plan, and birthday woes.

  1. paijery says:

    Bahaha I think the same thing every year on my birthday. And I am going to be 26 this year!!! AHHHHH! I wish I was 20 when I figured out that getting shmammered with my friends and feeling like a shit bag the next day wasn’t isn’t so awesome. For reals. You’re going to be the coolest 20 year old everrrrrrrr 🙂

    • jaymealreadyexists says:

      well, i hope that the older we get, the easier it is to accept.

      hahaha that made smile! i’m glad one person thinks i’m cool for not party hardying.

  2. debbie says:

    ah yes, i used to feel “way too young to feel this damn old”… but now i feel “way too old to feel this damn young”. i am still acting like i’m in my early 20’s (responsibility-wise), but i need to start acting like a responsible adult in my late 20’s. scary.

    that was a good day of eating! well done.

    • jaymealreadyexists says:

      well, you know you’ll be able to look back and say ‘i had a lot of fun in my 20s!’
      and that’s definitely a good thing.

      thank you!

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