favourite food alphabet and pieces of my dream home.

hay hay hayyyy!
happy weekend. 🙂

i thought i should take a cue from janetha and do a favourite food alphabet!
it’s a pretty cute idea.

a: apples. love ’em. i eat one everyday, and if i don’t it feels like i’ve forgotten something.

b: breaddddddd. i am a carb queen, and could live off bread if someone would let me.

c: candy. mike & ikes, jellybellys, peach rings, sour berries, quality gummy worms, skittles. i LOVE candy.

d: dessert. i know this is cheating, but i wanted to see if i could get through this without naming off everything in my fridge. cheesecake is probably my dessert of choice.

e: everything made by Mama G. specifically cheesecake, french onion soup, roasted potatoes, hamburgers, bbq….

f: french toast! i loove gourmet-feel breakfasts. like french toast.

g: green veggies. spinach and broccoli mostly. ❤

h: Hugh Jass salads.

i: ice cream. cookie dough, rolo, peanut butter with pb cups chopped into it… anything with loads of fat and some kind of chunky delicious mix-ins.

j: jellybeans! my love of jellybeans gets a whole category for itself. i love regular jelly beans, gourmet flavoured JellyBellys, and the wal-mart Great Value brand gourmet jelly beans (i think they might actually be better than JellyBellys!)

k: i wish i could say this is KALE. but i’ve never even tried the stuff. so i think Kashi cereals will take the K.

l: light beer. mmmmmm, beer. MGD is my drank of choice.

m: maple syrup. (harhar she’s canadian and likes maple syrup!) shut up. you love it too.

n: nut butters! White Chocolate Wonderful is my number one favourite, but i also love sunflower seed butter and just regular unflavoured peanut butter. and almond butter. and cashew butter.

o: OATMEAL. i know the entire blog world is going to say the same thing, but honestly. there is not a whole lot that can beat hot oatmeal in the morning.

p: pancakes. i love making them, topping them with interesting things, rolling them up and dipping them into more interesting things, and photographing them. honestly, IHOP’s pancakes are the best pancakes i’ve ever had. too bad it’s an American thing so I don’t get to experience it too often. 😦

q: i like the concept of quinoa (KEEN-wah) but i’ve never actually had it. i’ve couscous a few times and really liked it, and i imagine quinoa is kind of like it.

r: roasted potatoes. with spices and some olive oil, i go head over heels for these things.

s: smoothies! protein smoothies are the bomb. i can’t believe i hated anything as thick as a smoothie when i was a kid. (stir-fry almost won this one, but nah. smoothies.)

t: tuna. i hate how much it stinks and how much it bothers other people, but i looove tuna with a little greek yogurt and lots of spices. jordan makes it the best, he inherited Mama G’s cooking skills.

u: uncooked tuna. that’s right, someone who is TERRIFIED of raw food, tried ahi tuna. and loved it. it tasted a lot like steak.

v: … veggies? roasted peppers, carrots, broccoli, snap peas.

w: wasa crackers! hah. i thought i would never find a ‘w’ food.
… ah crap. watermelon. i love watermelon too.
… and waffles! what’s wrong with me?

y: yogurt. greek yogurt. pineapple greek yogurt. chobani pineapple greek yogurt. 🙂

z: ‘za. which is short for pizza……………………… everyone knows that.
i didn’t just come up with it now.
i go nuts for pizza. i love hawaiian, veggie, and making it myself.

that was way more work than it should have been.

i found another really cool thing from creepin’ another blogger (specifically angela) yesterday.
it’s like foodgawker, but for houses and resorts and interior design.
this site may be the worst thing i’ve ever found, because my dream house will end up being a mish-mash of all the beautiful ideas from this site, and that’s not going to look good. 😦

some of the amazing things i found (and saved under a new folder called My House).
just in case anyone tries to sue me for stealing their shit, i did not take any of these pictures, i don’t live in any of these houses, i got all the pictures from dwellinggawker and related links.





living rooms:

this is something i don’t think i’ll be able to live without, now that i’ve seen it.
i LOVE the sunken living room, with the fireplace and the little steps.


siiiiigh. i should probably start building.

have a great weekend! that isn’t spent entirely on dwelling gawker.

… does anyone know of a wedding-gawker type site? where you can get ideas for an amazing wedding from other people’s amazing weddings? not getting married yet, but i like to plan ahead.

never mind. 3 seconds after i hit publish on this post, i go back to drool over dwelling gawker, and right at the top i see weddinggawker. durrrrrrrrrrrrr.

toodles. 🙂

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One Response to favourite food alphabet and pieces of my dream home.

  1. debbie says:

    oohh, i love all those pictures. i already know i’m going to start spending way too much time on that website. thanks for sharing!

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