women and their calories.

hay hay haayyy!
i hope everyone’s had a decent week, so far.

mine has consisted of lots of protein oatmeal, lots of these, a few bites of cheesecake, and a couple ballin’ runs.

news from my life:

after lots of consideration, i’ve decided not to run my first 5K in October.

it’s not because i don’t think i would be ready, i know i would be.
but honestly, i care way more about distance and the progress i’m making than speed and competition. i don’t even really have the desire to race.

i think the only reason i considered racing was because in blogworld, it seems like that’s what you do.
you run, you train, you race.
but for now, i am totally okay with just training.

when i feel like i need something to challenge me, then maybe i’ll race. right now i just want to be happy and proud of the progress i’ve made, keep running, and slowly up my mileage.


i went camping on the long weekend, and spent a pretty decent amount of time around 3 calorie obsessed middle aged women.

good lord.
every other sentence was ‘i’m being so bad! well starting tuesday i’ll cut back again.. no more treats for me!’

i was also made fun of for bringing my own sprouted grain bread and buying mass amounts of high protein greek yogurt, for being “just too healthy.”
because there’s nothing wrong with white bread and i don’t need protein anyways, do i want to look like Arnold?

i kept my mouth shut, even though in my head i was listing off all the nutritional benefits of sprouted grain bread and screaming about why women need protein too.

and thennnn, i was having s’mores that night by the fire.
as soon as one of the calorie-vultures spots me toasting a marshmallow, she says,

“what are you doing? what kind of diet are you on? you come here with your no-flour bread and protein yogurt and then you eat s’mores? that’s way too many calories. those aren’t healthy.

i just about jumped over the fire and slapped her.
instead, i pasted a smile on, put a passive-aggressive bitch tone in my voice, and said
“i’m not on a diet. i don’t really care about calories. i know that since i eat healthy 80% of the time, two or three smores in a year won’t make me fat..”

she continued to glare at me across the fire and slurped her margarita.

i’m not a great role model in the body-love department, but this woman has some serious self-esteem issues if she can’t be around someone who isn’t on a diet without making snide comments, trying to make them feel insecure and isolated.
whatta bitch.

this rant was supposed to be about women and their obsession with calories, but i got a little carried away with my story.
so i’ll finish with this.

healthy does not = low calorie “food-like substances”, eating perfectly all the time and working out for 2 hours everyday.

healthy = real food, treating yourself when you want to, working out just for kicks, feeling balanced and LOVING YOUR BODY.

if you made it through this entire post, i am throughly impressed.
treat yourself with an indoor s’more or two.
(indoor s’more? you roast marshmallows over the stovetop…?
please don’t tell me i’m the only person that has roasted a marshmallow over the stove.)

Have you ever had to deal with insecure calorie vultures?
i guess i shouldn’t say vultures, more like hawks. or piranahs.

Have you ever made an indoor s’more? Are you going to now that the idea is in your head?
i hope so.

toodles! 🙂

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2 Responses to women and their calories.

  1. Glad you liked them!

    Ya shoulda slapped her!!

  2. jaymealreadyexists says:

    i loved them! they’re a great pre-run snack.
    and i’m glad you agree with me lol.

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