nancy vs. penelope

do you ever have days where negative thoughts hit you like bricks?
today is one of those days.

the last few weeks have wreaked havoc on my regular eating habits. i can tell i’ve gained a few pounds from camping eats and the week before, when i didn’t run at all and carb-loaded, because i felt like it.

so i feel bloated and puffy and generally really crappy, which leaves me vulnerable to Negative Nancy’s onslaughts.

to make myself feel better, i’m having a Negative Nancy vs Positive Penelope battle.
(if you’re putting money on this fight, go for Penelope. she always wins.)

Negative Nancy: i want to be down 15 pounds for mexico, and i haven’t lost any weight. i’ve actually gained weight.
Positive Penelope: shut up. you didn’t need to lose weight for mexico in the first place.
and you know that if you get those cravings under control, and get back to your normal eats, you’ll be back to your regular weight in no time.

Negative Nancy: i’m worried about money.
Positive Penelope: no reason to be. you always have more than enough, and are doing as well as you can with your savings.

Negative Nancy: i want a winter vehicle.
Positive Penelope: you’re just spoiled. you’re lucky to have a car at all, not to mention it’s a ballin’ gorgeous sports car. if you want a winter vehicle, suck it up, sell your baby and get one.

Negative Nanacy: i want to be in school instead of working.
Positive Penelope: its a good thing you’re only 20 and have years to go to school if i want to. when you want it to happen, it will.
you’re also fortuneate as shit to have a full-time, easy peasy job and an awesome boss who will back you up as long as you have extra baking for him.

Negative Nancy: i never think jordan actually wants to be with me.
Positive Penelope: … are you off your rocker?
Of course he does. You’re amazing, who wouldn’t want to be with you?
but seriously, he would never have moved into an apartment with you, bought furniture with you, come running with you, baked with you, put a ring on your finger, or put up with you when you’re being difficult if he didn’t love you to pieces and want to be with you.


i think it’s clear who the winner is.
S my D, Negative Nancy.

Have you ever had a negative/positive battle?
it’s actually kind of fun, when you stop feeling like crap.

i picture Negative Nancy as some depressing blue anime character, and Positive Penelope as a yellow tough-but-happy-fairy thing.

oh well. i feel so much better.
tell me about your battles!

toodles. 🙂

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