friday of a long weekend.

hay hay haaay!
only a few more, long, insufferable, boredom-filled hours until the long weekend..

i’m going to start with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my handsome, twenty-two year old boyfriend jordan! 😀
i love you sweetcheeks.

we’re heading out to Thief River Falls, Minnesota tonight for the occassion, and that means i get greek yogurt and foreign cereal and cheap blueberries. woooo!

Food and Fitness:

bad news, i have turned into one giant carbohydrate since last night.

i’m a woman, so once a month i get cravings for carbs that cannot be reasoned with.

last night i ate:

  • fruit bowl jellybellys
  • multigrain tostito chips
  • a piece of toast for no good reason
  • several bites of my first batch of blondies
  • a few too many chocolate covered almonds

and i might as well tell you about today’s eats:

  • sprouted grain toast with butter and jam for breakfast. at least there’s a liittttlle protein in there.
  • a smoothie with wheatgrass
  • a delicious turkey, cheese and tzatziki sandwich. woooo, more carbs!
  • a fabulous veggie and chicken pita

no word of a lie, i am a walking talking carbohydrate.
who could eat a whole pound of jellybellys right now, if i was presented with them.

i’ve decided i’m not going to run while we’re in Thief River, maybe just take a nice, relaxing stroll.

my crappy last run brought me down a bit. 😦
so i’m going to rest while vay-caying, and when i come home, my muscles won’t be sore anymore, and i’ll try again. hopefully with better results.
(i should be able to fly with my body’s stock of carbs.)

More Food:

For Jordan’s birthday, i thought i would try out blondies.
i borrowed Smitten Kitchen’s recipe, and i loved ’em!
(i also love her recipe, it took me 7 minutes to put together one-handed.)

i thought they would be super boring and just taste like a cookie in bar form, because that’s exactly what they looked like.
Nope. It had more of a toffee-and-caramel taste from all that brown sugar.

i wish jordan would have let me futz around with add-ins, but he played it safe with chocolate chips.

if it were up to me, i would have broken up some Skor chocolate to chunk up the bars, some nuts, pushed a few Rolos into the top while the blondies were warm….
but noooooo.

ah well, next time.

i’ll share the recipe and photos when i get home from Thief River.

Have you ever made blondies? What are your favourite add-ins?

What kind of cravings do you get when its that time of the month?
Please tell me i’m not the only one who gets cravings.

have an awesome, enjoyable long weekend!

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