monday goals.

hay hay haayy.
i hope you all had fabulous weekends. 🙂

I’ll briefly recap mine here:

. went to the Narrows to hang out with jordan’s mama and step-dad in their trailer-cabin. kicked myself for not taking my camera.

. got peer-pressured into drinking all day long when i really didn’t want to. i didn’t make a big stink about it, but it really bothers me that people do not understand that not everyone wants the empty calories and actin’ a fool that comes with booze.

. felt pretty rich cruising around in a pontoon boat and pretending i owned one of the cute islands we passed. it felt like we were in redneck Hawaii. i love being on/in water!

(ignore the random guy and boat, i just wanted to showcase what a pontoon boat looks like.)

. watched Mama G win first prize in a local chili contest! i was so proud. 😀
(and holy mackerel, her chili was amazing. i’m not a chili person, but i thought it was delish.)

. came home, lazed around, made an unsuccessful batch of cookies. redeemed myself by making some pretty tasty (and rich) double chocolate cookies. ate about three times the carbs i need in a day. slept.

andddd my weekend recaps done.

today’s food & fitness:

i started off with a stabilizing (and super ugly) breakfast of egg whites, 2 slices turkey and a tasty slice of cheese on a piece of sprouted grain bread.
this brings me right back to my BFL days.

snack #1 was a blueberry smoothie. contained milk, protein powder, a packet of stevia, some ground up flax and lots of squishy blueberries.

lunch: leftover stir-fry. loooove.

post-work snack: an unpictured apple with a spoonful of pb.

and 2 cookies. they’re even better the next day, super fudgy and dense.

it is really crappy and rainy out, so i did not plan on forcing myself outside for a run.

lucky for me, my latest $6 ebay indulgence came in today!
i realize i’m on this train about 2 years later than everyone else, but i ordered 30 Day Shred to make up for not planning my own strength workouts.

after my fabulous after-work snack, i wanted to try the dvd out right away.
holy crap.
the cardio was easy peasy lemon squeezy, but good lord, i thought the strength sections would kill me.
it was a good, intense 20 minute workout (for me), and i’ll be doing it again soon.
i’m really hoping some cross-training and strengthwork help my runs get stronger and less painful.

i had a delicious, meaty plate of jordan’s spaghetti for supper and am going to try to get some more protein for dessert. i carb loaded like ca-raaaazy for the last week, and it’s making me feel so sluggish.

Goal Talk:

My weekly goals!

1. Workouts: 3 runs, 2 strengthwork, 1 yoga. (woo, one strength sesh down!)

2. Food: aim for balance. i have been so unbalanced lately, and i can definitely feel it.
i’m either eating way too much or not enough, and i need to get it right so i feel better.

3. Happiness. it’s so easy to flop on the couch and watch tv all night, but i want to actually make myself get up and do things that i love.
Work through my baking wish list, build my recipe book, plan my career or my dream house….
i love doing creative things, and it probably makes me happier than watching 2 hours of mythbusters. although, i do really love mythbusters…

that’s all my rambles for today.
i’ll leave you with these tempting cookie pictures and the promise of a recipe soon. it is goooood.

did you have success with the 30 Day Shred? i have a feeling if i actually stick to it, i will see some results.

how about your goals? i love setting them, and i also love hearing about yours!

toodles. 🙂

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