weekly happenings.

hay hay haaayyy.
i am still around, i just took the week off blogging. i figured you guys could probably make it without me.

things that have happened since i blogged last:

. i spent time in my parent’s vegetable garden, and i think i may have fallen in love. going out to the garden to pull up veggies for supper had me way too excited.

. i had an actual yoga session. i did this video from exercise tv, and was blown away by how challenging it was. i’m super flexible, but have as it turns out, i have zero balance.

. i ran 25 minutes without stopping! 😀
but now my achilles and various ankle ligaments are unhappy as shit, and i’m not sure when i can run pain-free again.

. i updated stuff on my blog! check out my new wish list, a couple new recipes and my somewhat-functional workout page.

. i had a two-day long mental breakdown.

i stopped telling myself anything positive and let the negative thoughts overwhelm me, every other sentence was Fat Talk.

i fought with jordan and told him to leave me because i didn’t deserve him.

i went between eating like crazy and not eating at all (and gained 2 pounds). and i didn’t want to feel better.

. i recovered from said breakdown. i let myself feel better, reminded myself that i am beautiful, and made a little sign for me to see every morning while i get ready. it’s hard to be such a Debbie Downer when you’re surrounded by positivity.

it says “you are BEAUTIFUL!
It doesn’t matter what you ate last night, or if you skipped a workout. You are FIT and HEALTHY.
And lastly, you are NOT FAT.”

i know those two pounds are from me shocking my body by piling on the calories and then starving them away, and if i eat like i normally do, they’ll be gone within a few days. i’m also considering getting ‘help’, because i’m starting to think i need it.

. i got a library card, and took out Mrs Field’s cookie book. i can’t figure out what to make first.

well, that’s it for me.
i’ll be back soon!

What’s your favourite recipe book?

Do you ever have bouts of hysteria, like some people whose names we won’t mention? Did it ever stop completely?

toodles. 🙂

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