lovely weekend.

hay hay hayyyy!
hope your weekend is off to a great start.

mine has been AWESOME for the most part.

friday night:

jordan and i got lazy for supper and had pizza and beer.
and that was totally ok with me.

MGD in a mason jar.

i ate 3 slices, 2 veggie and 1 hawaiian.

and for dessert, a pear and a banana bite. woooooo carbs!

shortly after supper, it started POURING out. jordan and i are kind of weather nuts, so we went and watched the downpour from our balcony.
we got lucky enough to see (and take pictures of) some colourful cloud formations!

believe it or not, this was one of the first times i had stood outside and took pictures of a pretty sky.

i took this one of really neat curtains of rain from my phone (while driving) a million years ago,

and this one of a gorgeous double rainbow right before we moved from the other apartment,

but last night i got a few of these.

i loved it, and will probably book it outside the next time i hear thunder.

(and yes, i did cheat and just throw a rainbow gradient onto that last picture.)


i started off my day with some delicious protein waffles.
i creeped susan for the recipe, and i noticed that she was eating the entire recipe.

i had only been eating 2 waffles and freezing 2.
because i thought the recipe was for 2 servings.
i was beyond excited to eat all 4 waffles!

to top them, i whirled together 1/2 a banana with water, White Chocolate Wonderful pb and a tbsp of pure maple syrup for a tasty new banana soft serve.

it was gooood good good.

i lazed around and read some blogs for a bit, then decided my waffles had settled enough to go for a run.
i was nervous/excited for this run too. 25 minutes, no walking.
(i can’t wait for the day when i’m nervous/excited for like ….. 12 mile runs, instead of 25 minute runs. i’m going to look back on this post and laugh at myself and marvel at how far i’ve come.)

it was a good run! i did walk a little bit, about 1 min 30 seconds in total, but i’m still very happy with it.
i have no idea why, but my right ankle started to feel like it was under a lot of pressure and was really protesting, so i’m just going to ice it and stretch it and baby it, possibly hop around on one foot for the weekend, and hope it feels better next week, so i can make it 25 minutes with no walking.

i’m still proud. i pushed myself, i didn’t quit, i didn’t bombard myself with negative thoughts, i took it easy on myself for walking a little bit.
and i still made it a solid 23 minutes 30 seconds running. 😀

for lunch, i refueled with 2 delicious slices of leftover pizza and what was left of the chomo.

then i got right down to baking. 😀
i love it when i get to spend all day in the kitchen.

i made some delicious, fudgy brownies.
(i’ll be honest, it was a box mix. i really wish i could remember what brand, because they were phenomenal. easily the best boxed brownies i’ve ever had.)

and my favourite healthy banana bread.

i also skipped out to bulk barn to pick up ingredients for homemade healthy nutella, which will hopefully be happening today.

i packed up my baking and headed over to jordan’s dad’s, where they had been deck-building all day. it’s a very impressive deck, and it’s finished. 😀

there was a giant supper made for the deck builders (and the girlfriends who stay at home baking all day) that consisted of steak, baked potatoes, salad, greens beans, and more veggies.

and about 20 different desserts.

i had a dessert plate of one brownie (i cut them up super small and stuck toothpicks in them for portable, pre-portioned enjoyment), about a million of these addicting key lime cookies, a piece of pretty close to flavourless “low-fat” upside-down pineapple cake (made by Shannon), and 1/2 a piece of my own delicious banana bread.
oh yeah, i’ll toot my own horn.

Shannon (jordan’s slightly evil passive-agressive step-mom who doesn’t like me much) and i both made healthy desserts because Joe (a family friend, and one of the deck builders) and his daughter Shae are on a diet.

i got pretty riled up sitting outside on the new deck listening to Shannon and Pen (Shae’s mom) Fat Talk themselves, and Shae. Shae is a sweet 14-year-old girl, who is at that super awkward stage in her life where most girls either gain or lose 10-15 pounds, and they’re Fat Talking about her and putting her on diets.

i’ve made a huge effort to cut out Fat Talk from my life, eat what i like and not feel unnecessarily guilty over it, and be happy with my body no matter what i’ve eaten.
so when i was chillin’ with my monstrous dessert plate (and a beer) hearing them talk about how fat they are, how they’ll have to run everyday next week to get back on track, i actually started to get mad.

i had a whole angry monologue going through my head. i wanted to yell things such as “this meal is not going to make you fat overnight, be realistic and get some self respect” and “you’re teaching your daughter not to love her body. sure, she could use a few less sweets, but you’re not teaching her about balance. you’re futzing up her relationship with food by putting her on a strict, no-sweets diet and punishing her when she doesn’t stick to it 100%.”
i pictured myself roundhouse kicking both of them.

instead i sipped my beer and seethed silently. and enjoyed my desserts.

i have Shae on facebook, so i’m definitely going to say something positive to her.
something along the lines of ‘never forget that you’re beautiful!
it made me so sad to hear her say “mom, i cheated. i really wanted a brownie so i had one. do i have to add on an extra mile to my run later?”
it sounded a lot like what i had to go through with my mom, and if i can help somebody avoid that trauma, i will.


today is going to be niiiice and lazy.

i had a boring, stabilizing breakfast of eggs and a glass of milk. oh, and a slice of banana bread. holy mackerel, i need to make it more often. it tastes close enough to traditional banana bread, has no sugar or butter, and it’s easy. i think i need to make it a regular in the Granovsky-Nickel residence.

i’m also going to give homemade healthy Nutella a shot today! 😀
i’ll let you know how it goes.

i had the strange urge to go to the gym earlier, so maybe i’ll mosey over there this afternoon. i have my heart set on at least 1/2 an hour of yoga before lunch, though.

and icing my footsie. i have a bad feeling i pulled a ligament, and if that’s the case, it does not bode well for my running. i would have to take it easy for a week or two. 😦

but ahhh well. is what it is.
i think i’m done rambling.

how would you handle the situation that i was in, sitting and listening to two middle-aged women Fat Talk non-stop? speak up or seethe in silence like me?
i want ideas. if there is something i can do to shut them up, i want to know.

toodles. 🙂

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