just stopped by to say…

hayyyy blogworld.

i took a little 4-or-so-day break from blogging, and i gotta say it’s nice to disconnect a little bit, not have to worry about taking pictures of my food or trying to make it look nice.
i was still creeping away on all of your blogs though, don’t worry.

speaking of being a big creeper, i finally got myself a google reader account.
good lord.
whyyy, oh why did i not do this earlier? i feel like i’ve missed out on so much.
it seems like every time i finish reading a post, another pops up. i love it!

i also loved reading all the Healthy Living Summit recap posts. it makes me wish i had gone or was planning to go next year, but then i remember that 1) i would be okay meeting one or two bloggers, but i get extreme social anxiety when meeting tons of new people and 2) i have next to no blog reader base. hah.
maybe one day.


in my little break, i haven’t had any meals that really stood out.
but tonight’s dinner hitttt the spot. i love it when that happens.
i didn’t even think to take a picture of it, but i will tell you about it, and then steal someone else’s pictures so you don’t die of boredom and lack of colour.

i had:

. a grilled cheese sandwich. made up of 2 slices ezekiel bread, 1 oz of mozza cheese sprinkled with red pepper flakes. then buttered and fried to golden, melty deliciousness.


. steamed veggies with fresh ground pepper and some other seasoning spice.

. for dessert, i had a big, juicy pear. omg, yuuuuum. it’s been so long since i’ve had a squishy, so-juicy-that-it’s-dribbling-down-my-sleeve-and-face-in-a-super-attractive-way pear, and i loved every bite.

honest to goodness, my favourite meal of this week. nothing beats a classic grilled cheese. and pears.


i had a lovely run on monday, felt little could-be injuries popping up post-run, so i panicked, stretched, massaged and iced like crazy. not making any promises, but i think it did the trick.
i was going to go for a run tonight, but decided against it after my filling supper, and i’m going to go jump around and do some strengthwork as soon as i hit publish.
you bet i’m sitting here typin’ in my workout clothes.

well, i don’t have a whole lot more to ramble about.
until the next time i feel like posting (or have something interesting to talk about), check out these bad boys!

cream cheese brownies. (i’ve made them before, but i like trying new recipes.)
coconut chocolate chunk blondies.

do you have a truly amazing blondie recipe? i’ve never made them, but i’m dying to, and i’m just trying to narrow my options down a bit.

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