sunday recap.

hay hay hayyy.

i totally forgot that on sundays i usually recap my weekly goals, so i’m doing this at 9:45 p.m. and about half-way through my ‘letting my body know it’s almost time for bed’ routine. oh yeah, i’m 19 years old and in bed by 10:30. party hard!

ahhh well.

here’s my goals from last week:

1. Three runs this week.
Start on week 6 of Couch to 5K! 😀

i didn’t quite make it on this goal, only two runs this week, but they were both EPIC runs and i’m starting up on week 6 tomorrow. close nuff.

2. Two strength workouts this week.
LOL fail. i got in like.. a very half-assed one.
but really, i should start taking strengthwork more seriously. if i want to keep the muscle i have and prevent injuries, i neeeeed to keep working out other than my heart and lungs.
i do still do my fitness @ work workouts, but that’s very, very minimal strengthwork.
i want to improve on this!

3. Constantly remind myself that i can eat whatever i like. i have a few (super tasty) cookies AND muffins in the apartment and i think taking this approach will be a lot more successful than going ‘i can’t eat those cookies or super moist banana muffins. no. off-limits.’
done! this went …. incredibly! i had a whole jar of soft, flavourful, lkajfhlkjhddf amazing cookies in the apartment all week. i had one, because i really wanted one, but thats all. i didn’t feel like i was fighting temptation all week, didn’t feel deprived, and enjoyed my cookie. thoroughly.

4. Do my best not to feel deprived, so my body doesn’t think i’m starving and start craving high-calorie stuff. Make sure i’m taking in enough filling, nutritious food.
i really think i’m not taking in quite enough food… maybe i’ll add my afternoon snack back in? i stopped packing one recently because 1) i found that i wasn’t usually hungry around 3 pm and 2) i am ALWAYS hungry when i got home from work at 5 p.m. and have a small snack before supper, and eating six-seven times a day seems like a little overkill.

5. Again, aim for balance instead of perfection in my eating habits.
i really think i’m getting better at this. i don’t want to jinx myself, but i THINK i’m starting to get over my old, unhealthy cycle of eating super healthy, then slipping up, telling myself “there is no point” and giving up for a few days. and repeating.

well, i think that’s all i’m going to put on the internet for tonight.
but i will leave you with this cute picture from weheartit.


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