running pride.

hay girl hayyyyy!

i went for another epic run this morning. 🙂
it was my last run of Couch to 5K Week 5, and i was really nervous/excited about it.
20 minutes running, no walking.

i knew i had more than enough physical and cardio strength to finish the 20 minutes, but for me, running is a very mental sport, and i have a hard time not psyching myself out for longer or tougher runs.
(wow, when was the last time you heard someone use the word psych? or, you know…SIKE!)

but i did it! 😀
i won’t lie to you, i walked for about 30 seconds because i forgot to change the feature on my ipod that makes it change song when you shake it, and it kept changing songs on me so i got a little frustrated.

but you know what? i am insanely proud of myself. i didn’t give up today, i fought, and i gave it my best.

i’m reallly trying not to compare myself to strong, lovely bloggers who have been running for years, and run 5 or 6 miles a few times a week, no big deal.
they’ve had time and experience to build phsyical speed and mental strength against the demons that can try to bring you down when you’re trying to accomplish something.

this is the first time in my life i’ve commited myself to running on a regular basis, and i’m finally starting to look forward to my runs. but it’s going to be awhile before i’m running marathons or logging 35 miles a week.
so for now, i am really happy with running a solid 20 minutes with no walking or mental breakdowns.
(i also did two 30-second-all-out sprints during my cool down walk. i felt like frickin’ Usain Bolt during those mad dashes.)


i treated myself to one of my favourite lunches post-run,
a cup of chomo (chocolate milk), turkey, pepper and mozza cheese on toasted ezekiel.


jordan was curious about the farm-fresh/free-range eggs we got yesterday, so he made himself an omelette.

they don’t look tooo different until…

you put them beside a regular egg. (the light yolk is the regular egg.)

i asked jordan’s co-worker why the difference in colours and shell hardness (we just about had to use a hammer and chisel to crack the silly eggs!) and his answer was simple.
remind me to get free-range eggs for the rest of my life.

cute story time! i took off for my run while jordan was making his omelette, and when i got back all sweaty and proud of myself, he was acting all shy and weird, so i thought something was up. here’s how the conversation went:
jayme: what’s wrong?
jordan: …… you’re gonna think i’m really weird.
jayme: ……………..
jordan: i think i’m turning into you. i took a picture of my omelette before i ate it.
jayme: how is that weird? i take a picture of almost everything i eat.
jordan: yeah i know.

what a dink.
just kidding, he makes me laugh.

here’s his picture! (he even used my DSLR)

well, its saturday! i’m going to bake and clean the day away, then heading out to my parents’ country house for supper tonight.

i hope all the lucky bitches bloggers in chicago are having a great time! save me some swag! (…. please.)

and if you’re at home and slightly bitter like me, have an awesome weekend.

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