fun, fabulous and beautiful!

hay hay hayyyy!
i’m pumped that it’s friday. it means baking, reading, running and relaxing are on the way.

this post is probably be going to be a little random, so just bear with me.

but the first thing i want to ramble about is how awesome the dollar store is.

bam. bamboo placemats. dolla each.

bam. exactly the coasters we were looking for. dolla tenty-five for a pack for 4.

there was also unpictured popsicle maker things, and a couple small things that i’m sure i’m forgetting. molds for shot glasses made of ice are coming to mind.

next up, operation beautiful!
i’ve been holding off on purchases that aren’t “needs” because of little money, but jordan had actually heard me babbling about the book and surprised me with it.
what a sweetheart. 🙂

i LOVE the book so far. it is so positive and uplifting. i showed it to two of the girls at my work, and they both thought it was really neat and asked to borrow it when i was done. i fought back my inner-pre-schooler going “NO! MY BOOK!”, smiled and said ‘absolutely’. things i do to help spread the message of self-love.

i also refrained from saying, ‘yeahhh, i know the author of the book. if for whatever reason she was in winnipeg and had a spare hour or two, we might find a cool restaurant to meet up at or go for a run. no big deal.’

i want to post a note now, of course.
i think i’m going to go with a sticky note on a scale that says “life does not begin 10 pounds from now“, because i used to be horrible for saying i could do the things i loved when i lost 5, 10 or 15 pounds.
its not ok to put your life on hold because you’re worried other people will think you’re chubby. so go swimming and work on becoming a professional beach bum, bake a new recipe, run in shorts, wear a hot dress and heels, get your hair done, take care of yourself because you deserve it!


i didn’t feel like taking any pictures today, none of my food was very pretty.
buttt here’s how it went.

woke up at 5:15 for my run, a little nervous but determined.
drank some water, decided on 1/2 a protein waffle and some peach slices for my pre-run fuel.
got my running stuff on, then noticed flashes. from lightning. it was storming like no tomorrow outside, so i laughed and went back to bed for another 35 minutes.

when i woke up, i totally forgot that i had already eaten, wondered why i wasn’t very hungry, and just had a breakfast of a whole egg with some whites and a small bowl of Kashi Honey Sunshine.
(and speaking of whole eggs, jordan’s co-worker gave us free-range eggs today. the shells are BLUE!)
snack #1 was a very ugly chocolate protein cake with a tbsp of white chocolate wonderful. mmmm.
and lunch was a tasty salad mash-up of lettuce, cucumbers, tzatziki, deli turkey, and a crushed up wasa cracker.
i was starrrrving by 5:00, so jordan and i stopped at safeway for supper.
not the kind of stuff i usually like to munch, but i had some greek salad, 3 chicken fingers (nottt a fan of the excessive breading..) and potato wedges. and now my tummy hurts. 😦

since i didn’t get the chance to try my 20-minute run this morning, i’m hoping to get out for one later tonight, once my silly stomach chills out.

well, i’m off to watch the Bombers lose to the Tiger Cats again and maybe enjoy a little junk food while i’m at it.
hope you enjoyed my rambles!

have you read or heard about Operation Beautiful? name one thing you love about yourself, right stat now. 🙂

do you run in storms/rain? i think i’ve said this before, but i’m a huge pansy and am terrified of tornadoes, and therefore thunderstorms. so no, i will never run in a storm. ever.


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