no waffle-wednesday. :(

hay hay hayyy!

so i decided that my weekend recap post was just way too long-winded and just nutshelled it here for you.

friday: went to one of the most expensive restaurants in winnipeg (Hy’s steakhouse), had a great meal and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
saturday: went to jordan’s relatives for a party, made a mars bar cake for said party, got huge props on the cake, got a little drunk and hung out with very conservative relatives.
sunday: got in an EPIC run in jordan’s dad’s area (loved it!), had my first experience running on hills, had my first success with better-for-you cookies (i might even post the recipe), made amazing regular chocolate chip cookies, went to my parents for more fabulous food and family time.

see? way better than a long-ass post.


i haven’t done much as far as strengthwork goes this week. i’ve done like.. 2 half workouts.

i had a lot of fun with them though! i danced around, did the robot (which requires a lot of muscle control) to a few songs, and even did some gymnastics in the nice, open bedroom. if gymnastics isn’t a full-body workout, i don’t know what is.
i tacked a few bodyweight exercises on to make it an official workout.

and i got in another strong run this morning. 🙂
well, i guess i can’t say it was ‘strong’, but it was pretty good.

i’m onto week 5 of Couch to 5K, and today was run 8 mins, walk 5 mins, run 8 mins. and that’s it.

i took it pretty easy for the first 5 minutes because i was worried about being able to run the whole 8 minutes. but after 5, i wasn’t even breathing heavy. i stepped it up a bit, but i still didn’t finish the first 8 minutes exhausted and panting like i usually would.

this definitely surprised me. i walked my 5 minutes and set out for the last 8 minute run, i pushed myself much harder than the first 8 mins, but even by the end of that, i wasn’t totally worn out and dragging myself back up the stairs to the apartment. i wasn’t even that red or sweaty!

i am really hoping that this means i’ll be able to make it through the next run, which is 20 minutes, no walking. eeeek.
i’m excited for the challenge, but a little nervous at the same time.

i am going to be such a happy camper when i can run a full 5K. i mean, i’m a happy camper now because the leaps in progress i’ve made are impressing me a little bit, but i can’t wait to run my first race!


i had an apple and a glass of water as pre-run fuel, but i figured you know what those look like.

post-run was 1 cup of Kashi GoLean with milk, one of my favourite cereals.

i also snuck in about 1/2 cup of scramled egg whites for added protein.

snack #1: 3/4 cup of chomo! i love chocolate milk, and this snack held me over until lunch perfectly.

lunch: another one of my favourites, turkey and hutterite cheese on ezekiel, all saran-wrapped up. sooo good.

with cucumbers on the side.

supper was at papa G’s, so no picture, but i can tell you that it was a big, tasty bun-less burger, some salad with dijon honey mustard dressing, and some skinny little fries.

jordan and i did some (rather unsuccessful) apartment-stuff shopping, i got grouchy from walking around in 2.5 inch heels (i know for most of you that’s nothing, but i am a non-heels-wearing pansy) and we headed home.

i had another apple with sunbutter, because that was allll i wanted. i instantly felt better once i was sitting on the couch in yoga pants with an apple and the entire sunbutter jar.

what makes you feel better when you feel a little grumpy or uncomfortable?

well, i think i’m going to relax with my handsome man and watch some Planet Earth DVDs. 🙂


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