will not run for pancakes.

hay hay hayyyy.

so i was hella excited to get out there and run my little buns off this morning. so excited that i couldn’t get out of bed until 6 am… urgh.

i’m a little upset about missing my morning run, because it means i’ll probably try to get in my run tonight when it’s a million degrees with the humidity (it was about 42 degrees celcius yesterday, felt like being back in vegas, except stickier), and i just have my fingers crossed that i won’t die.

jusssst kidding, it looks like the apocalypse out there right now, so i’m staying inside. nice and safe.

but i had a delicious nutritious breakfast anyway!
my favourite protein pancakes, with 1/3 banana soft serve smooshed in between and topped with a littttle bit of pure maple syrup.


i can never get these pancakes to look photogenic.
the pictures really don’t do them justice.

my little tip for keeping fresh pancakes/waffles warm while you’re busy making the rest: set your oven to the lowest heat it has, usually around 120F, slide your cooked pancakes onto a pan and keep warm in the oven.

snack #1: protein yogurt with 3/4s of a crumbled up better-for-you cookie. mmmmm.

lunch: this has to be one of the most random, thrown-together lunches i’ve ever made.

a crumbled up super lean and tasty farmer sausage patty, which i plan to eat with ketchup over the two wasa fibre crackers, and cucumbers on the side.

things went downhill after this.

i actually left work just after lunch, headed to a walk-in clinic for antibiotics for a UTI. i don’t know if you’ve ever had one, but if you have, you know that it’s almost unbearable. drink lots of water when peeing is so painful it makes you want to cry, and leaves you feeling like you have to pee again 30 seconds later? i don’t think so.

i hope this pesky (and super painful) infection goes away STAT.

weell, my snack after the long day in the waiting room was one of my favourites, an unpictured apple with a tbsp of White Chocolate Wonderful. i honestly don’t think i go a day without eating an apple, it feels like i’ve forgotten something important if i don’t.

and supper is jordan’s fanastic, flavourful stir fry with chicken. 😀

i am a lucky, lucky woman.

i finished off the day’s eats with two dark chocolate wafers and a better-for-you cookie. i think i was stress-eating a little bit because of the sickness and getting all panicky about the storm outside (yes, weather stresses me out), but i still handled it pretty well and didn’t go overboard.

in other news, i almost have my weekend recap post done. holy hannah montana, it is a monster.

in the meantime, check out these recipes!
caramel apple cream cheese cookie bars
(from jenny @ picky palate. good lord, this woman can bake!)
and some french toast muffins that i’m seriously eyeing for this weekend. (from heather @ sprinkle bakes. she’s super creative and i love her blog!)

have an interesting and delicious recipe for me to ogle? let me know!

toodles. 🙂

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