i love normal posts.

hay hay hayyy!

hope your monday is going swell.

mine started out pretty stressful, but thanks to my positive affirmations, i’ve kept pretty chill all day.


i finally had protein oats again! &heart;
i love them so much, but sometimes i forget about them.

my oatmeal line-up consisted of:
. a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
. a small boatload of cinnamon
. 1 packet of stevia
. 1/3 sliced frozen banana
. 1 chopped up belgian dark chocolate wafer


i brushed my teeth and quickly glugged my fish oil so i wouldn’t forget.

snack #1:

gala apple and a tbsp of sunbutter.
so simple, but one of my favourite snacks.

mmm salad. i basically took everything i like out of greek salad.
lettuce, cucumbers, feta and chicken.

i’m going to try and get in a strength workout tonight, either some P90X or the killer workout i made up last week.
i just do not have the patience for strengthwork.

oh well!

here are my goals for this week:

1. Three runs this week.
Start on week 6 of Couch to 5K! 😀

2. Two strength workouts this week.
3. Constantly remind myself that i can eat whatever i like. i have a few (super tasty) cookies AND muffins in the apartment and i think taking this approach will be a lot more successful than going ‘i can’t eat those cookies or super moist banana muffins. no. off-limits.’

4. Do my best not to feel deprived, so my body doesn’t think i’m starving and start craving high-calorie stuff. Make sure i’m taking in enough filling, nutritious food.

5. Again, aim for balance instead of perfection in my eating habits.

i think that’s all for the week.
tonight will be a busy night of laundry, grocery shopping, more blogging and (hopefully) a workout.

by ‘guuuuh’ i mean ‘i am definitely going to be happy all day, i am way too fabulous!’

take THAT Negative Nancy.
nasty betch.

how was your weekend, and has my massive amount of goal-setting inspired you yet?
just kidding, of course it has.


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