sunday update!

hay hay hayyy!

do i ever have a post coming up for you. luckily, its for tomorrow, so you have a whole day to prepare yourself.

for now, i’m just going to cover my goals from last week!

1. Run 2 more times this week.
i did! 😀
i got in an EPIC run this morning, in jordan’s parent’s area. it was my first workout from Week 5 of Couch to 5K, and i experienced small hills for the first time ever! (they’re not kidding, winnipeg is a flat, flat place.)
Caitlin gave me the idea of running to epic music, and it went awesome. i ran to the lion king, requiem for a dream (of course), pirates of the carribean and my favourite pump-up band, Pendulum.

i am very happy about meeting this goal!

2. Get in 2 strengthwork sessions, maybe come up with a more intense routine.

i only cranked out 1 sesh this week, but it doesn’t help that my entire weekend was taken up by family things.
and i did make up a much more intense routine, and i’ll try for this goal again this week.

3. Fit in a little fitness at work everyday.

Done! 🙂
Everyday i did some combination of push-ups, an ab move, a butt move, and 15 minutes of stretching.

4. Remember to take my #!@* fish oil!

i suck. i need to make it a habit!

5. Go all week without saying

‘x food is off limits.’


‘x food is bad for me.’

i did pretty decent on this goal. i ate what i wanted, i never felt uncomfortably full (although, i have the advantage of being a bottomless pit), and i let very few negative thoughts slip past Positive Penelope.
i did not tell myself i couldn’t eat anything, in fact i said ‘i can eat whatever i like.’
its so much easier!

6. Aim for balance, not perfection in my eating habits.

i also did pretty well with this goal all week. there was one night when i suffered crazy PMS cravings for carbs and chocolate and i indulged a litttttle more than i would have liked, but not a big deal.

7. Read off my positive affirmations every morning.

i did pretty well with this too, and i used the ones i remembered to lift me up when i was stressing or feeling crappy. these little positive sayings work! 😀

how did you do on your goals this week (if you set them)? if not, is there anything you accomplished that you’re pretty damn proud of?

that’s all for now.
up for tomorrow is my monstrous weekend recap post and more goal talk!

toodles. 🙂

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