thursday. sorry, i’m not coming up with much of a title.

hay hay hayyy!

i hope everybody ran out and bought the new Operation Beautiful book to support Caitlin and her mission to spread self love! 😀
Read a little more about Operation Beautiful and it’s positive message hurrrr.

i am thoroughly impressed with myself for not turning into a raging Debbie Downer today.

the phones were going absolutely crazy, and i didn’t get any of my own work done until 11, so i was not a happy receptionist.

after fuming for a little bit, i stretched myself out, took a breather, thought positive thoughts (“i am definitely going to be happy all day” was my first choice) and felt much better.

even when the phone continued to ring like it was going out of style.


remember yesterday’s workout which i just knew i was going to be sore after?

nope. the only sore part of me is my hamstrings.

i really hope that doesn’t mean i didn’t work hard enough, because there were points when i thought i was toast during that workout.

maybe my post-workout protein cake helped recovery, and therefore the lack of soreness?

oh well, can’t complain about not being sore.

i got in another run this morning, my last of Couch to 5K, Week 4.

it wasn’t quite as ballin’ as my monday run. i think i was a little dehydrated, and my womanly cramps started to creep in after 10 minutes, which definitely slowed me down. and hurt.

i’m excited to start Week 5, i saw that the last run is 20 minutes with no walking, and i want to see how i do. 🙂


it figures, i finally have the ability to post pictures to my blog again and i chose the most boring-looking breakfast ever.
no french toast sundae? or even protein pancakes?! a fancy yogurt bowl?!!!

nope, just toasted ezekiel with super tasty peach mango jam and butter.

and 1/2 cup of egg whites on the side, topped with freshly ground pepper and ketchup.

i like this breakfast because its balanced (fiber, protein and carbs from ezekiel, a little fat from the butter, and more protein from egg whites) and it’s fast, which is pretty much mandatory if i run and leave for work half an hour later.

snack #1 was a super boring looking smoothie. made with protein powder, a little milk and water, peaches and ice.

lunch is slightly more interesting to look at.
(this picture is from supper last night, but i had these for leftovers, so same thing.)

taco salad made with extra lean ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, a sprinkle of cheese and a teeeeeny weeny bit of sour cream.

din-din was at Papa G’s (jordan’s dad’s), and i wasn’t about to whip out the DSLR to take a picture of the spaghetti and super crusty garlic toast, but it was pretty tasty.

now i’m in the mood for a little somethin’ somethin’ sweet, so i’m thinking having one of these bad boys.

they are sooo tasty, 90 calories (but with crap ingredients, so i eat them sparingly).

i’m off to have my treatsies, make a mars bar cake and a 50th anniversary card for the big weekend ahead! 😀 (jordan’s step-grandparents? 50th anniversary. two day celebration, apparently.)

what are your plans for the weekend?

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