not wordy wednesday!

hay hay haaaayyy!
i finally have internet again. no more nothing-but-words posts. 🙂

before i get into the picture gems that i’ve waited a month to post, let me tell you a little bit about my strengthwork sesh that i just finished.
i know if i want to see some changes in my body, bumping up my strengthwork will bring on those changes (or at least bring them on a little quicker). so i built myself an “easy” workout.

hah….. hah hah….
after this i collapsed on the floor going “i *gasp* hate *gasp* strengthwork *gasp* so *gasp* muuuuuch.”

Easy Full-Body Strength Workout:

Warm-up of dancing around to 2 songs. I chose Te-te-te-te-te-telephone (Lady GaGa) and Take It Off (Ke$ha), in case you’re wondering.

Started off with plyometrics: (these got my heart rate up to 190! i have a stupidly high heart rate naturally, but even i think that’s pretty good for a strength workout.)
– 15 jump squats
– 10 scissor lunges (go into a lunge with right foot forward, then jump to a lunge with left foot forward.)
– 10 burpees

– 10 manly push-ups (they’re just normal push-ups. and 10 is all i could do, sadly.)
– front and side planks, for as long as i could hold it. i didn’t keep track of time.
– 12 weighted squats (15 lbs in each hand)
– 15 deadlifts to bent over row (15 lbs each hand)
– 10 benchpress with bridge (i don’t have a bench, so i guess i would just call it a press w/ bridge? and 15 lbs each hand.)
– 8 shoulder presses each arm (i did it seated because i tend to arch my back, and 15 lbs)
– 15 v-snaps
– 25 back extensions
– 20 calf raises (with 15 lbs in each hand)

i went through this 3 times, circuit-style, and it took me just under an hour to complete (i think, i saw two episodes of the Simpsons go by while i was working my ass off). and i know i’m going to be sore tomorrow.
i’m going to try to get in this workout one or two more times this week, but i’m not making any promises.

woooo, enjoy some pictures!

the man and i at the red river ex.

the most incredible cookies ever. my normal chocolate chip cookies, made with pb chips and m&ms.

protein waffles with banana soft serve and pure maple syrup in between. mmmmmm carbs…

super cute banana bread muffins. i don’t think i can call them banana muffins, because they taste just like little baby servings of my banana bread.

well, i’m going to make myself one of april‘s protein cakes to make me big and strong, shower and get into my little wind-down-for-bed routine.

what are some of your favourite strength-building moves? how do you feel about plyometrics?

goood night. 🙂

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