long weekend recap.

hay hay hayyyy!

oof. what a weekend.
the good news is that we are 100% moved in, and about 80% unpacked, so i get to start glamming up the place soon.

i’m extremely happy with our new kitchen (with dishwasher and a full-size oven) and cute bathroom. the bedroom could use a little action (harhar..) but i’ll live with it.

you bet your cute little butts i will have pictures of the new place up as of .. tomorrow! 😀

i ate loads this weekend. it was great, and i do not regret any of it.

these eats included delicious veggie pizza and beer!, lots of cold cereal and pb and j sammiches (sorry janetha) sandwiches because it was all we had, rotisserie chicken, veggies and CORNBREAD!, more beer and ribs.
good, good eats.
specifically the beer and cornbread. i guess beer isn’t classified as an ‘eat’ but whatever, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

and i got in a really ballin’ run yesterday morning.
i constantly tell myself how much i love running, because i believe in the ‘fake it til you make it‘ approach, but yesterday i actually believed myself for a little while.
i had a FAST and easy peasy, energizing run, and that made me all lovey-dovey with running.
we’ll see how long this little honeymoon phase lasts.

that’s all i have to ramble about for now. check back later for my (late) weekly goals.

tell me about your weekend. 🙂

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