goals goals goals (sang to the tune of ‘girls girls girls’).

hay hayyyy. again.
i love doing little workouts at work. i’m blogging while stretching my extremely inflexible glutes!
(i’m actually just sitting with my legs all pretzelled up under my desk and discreetly blogging from my blackberry while pretending to work. oh yeah, i’m one of those receptionists.)

time for my weekly goals!
(i’m skipping my recap for last week’s goals, i am a little silly for thinking i would actually accomplish anything while we were trying to move haha.)

1. Run two more times this week.

2. Get in two strengthwork sessions, maybe come up with a routine more focused on lifting?
i have a free gym membership, might as well use it.

3. Fit in a little work fitness everyday at work (should be an easy one, i had no problems with it last week.)

4. Remember to take my #!@* fish oil!

5. Go all week without saying

” x food is off limits”


“x food is bad for me”.

6. Aim for balance in my eating habits, not perfection.

7. Read off my positive affirmations a zillion times every morning.
And whenever i have a spare minute.
They’re awesome, inspiring little sayings like,
“Today is a new day, and i will never have another one like it.”
“Don’t wait for a good day, create one.”
Nice little things to make me feel positive and optimistic throughout the day.

these look like some promising goals. 🙂

check back soon, i’m finally getting internet again tomorrow which means i’m probably going to dump the contents of my camera onto the blog.

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2 Responses to goals goals goals (sang to the tune of ‘girls girls girls’).

  1. Hey Jayme! I spotted your compliment for me on HTP. Thank you so much–it means a lot.

    I really like your positive affirmations. I’m thinking about writing them down for myself. Have a great week!

    • jaymealreadyexists says:

      😀 you’re welcome.
      i’m happy you saw it!

      and the affirmations are a good idea, i think they’re starting to make me a little less of a Negative Nancy.
      thanks, and you too!

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