packin’ it in.

hay hay hayyy!
happy humpday. hope its happening … harmlessly?
(sorry, i wanted to see just how much alliteration i could fit in one sentence)

some things i am loving:

. farmer’s market raspberries and dark chocolate chips for dessert instead of a giant cookie


. a huge bowl of protein oatmeal for breakfast (with blueberries! somebody should smack me for not trying this earlier)


. blueberries in smoothies


. ….blueberries

*picture of my mass conumption of blueberries*

. ke$ha!
and now we’re lookin’ like pimps in my gold transam
blue hyundai.

. my awesome supper that jordan made for me. garlicky couscous mixed with carrots, green onion and cucumber, and topped with grilled chicken. taaasty.


waaaaah. i can’t wait to put up pretty pictures again.
(yeahhh budday, more alliteration)

it has been crazy up in here with the packing and moving.
as a result i didn’t get to go for a run yesterday, but i’m trying not give myself a super hard time about it. life happens.

in an effort to pack some more exercise into my days, i made up a 5-minute workout to do when i go for my 15-minute breaks at work.
Pretty simple, just:
. 20 push-ups
. plank for as long as i can hold it (usually 2-3 minutes)
. 25 leg lifts
. a couple stretches

+ 15 minutes of yoga on my lunch break.

The two 5 minute strength seshes and 15 mins of yoga = almost an extra half hour of exercise in my day!
i guess I’m lucky i have to go upstairs to our break room, which is 1) isolated and windowless and 2) deserted at lunchtime.

well. i thought i had lots more to ramble about, but apparently i don’t.
oh well. short (more like average-length)& sweet it is, then.

Do you fit some fitness in at work?

And what is one thing you’re giving lots of lovin’? (as you can see, I’m clearly head over heels for blueberries right now.)

tooodles! 🙂

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