another goaltastic monday.

hay hayyy.
ugh.. it is one of those days.
its only lunchtime and i want to put my head on my desk and just ignore everybody.

ah well. at least the day is half over and in no less than 3 hours and 45 minutes i will be going home with my handsome boyfriend and leaving the retarded workday behind me.

all i have to say.

Well, its Monday, let’s hear some GOOOOOALS.
(that’s supposed to be said like a hockey or soccer goal, in case you were wondering)


1. Run 3x this week.
(week 4 of Couch to 5K)
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

2. Full strengthwork workouts on Monday and Friday.

3. Yoga/stretching for at least 15 minutes erreday (everyday).

4. Spend the week cleaning up my eating a bit.
By cleaning up my eating i mean keeping sugary sweets out of my mouth, because i’ve been kind of ODing on them and its making me feel pretty crappy.

5. Remember to take my fish oil every morning.

i’ve decided that listening to my body and doing things that make me happy (like working on my recipe book and dancing around) are perma-goals for me to work towards.

next post, i’m going to be talking about balance. and i how i kind of fail at balancing.

and i would love to hear about your goals. wooo, feedback!

toooodles! 🙂

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2 Responses to another goaltastic monday.

  1. The next few days are probably going to be very busy for me at work, so my main goal is to remember to take care of myself properly amidst all of the stress!

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