mmmm waffles. and a goal recap.

hay hay hayyy!

sorry i’ve been kind of MIA this week.
not a whole lot happened. the foodie highlights were an amaaaazing batch of cookies and my first protein waffle experience.

the cookies: i took my regular chocolate chip cookie batter, and spiced it up with peanut butter chips and m&ms. YYYUUUMMM.
(they were also very photogenic, as you’ll see as soon as we have internets. one.. more.. week… )

and the waffles: my first batch of protein waffles, using susan’s recipe. it is fantabulous!
it was made even more fantabulous by smooshing banana soft serve and some pure maple syrup between the two waffles to make a sammich.
looks like a venus flytrap, tastes delish.

insert picture here. (and yes i did take some.)

and it’s sunday! which means some more goal talk.

i did super well with my goals monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday.
then fell off the wagon a little bit.

Fitness Goals:

1. Run 3 times this week, and try to get Jordan going with me so i go faster.
got in one lonely (but fast) run this week, but i’ll definitely be going for another one today.

2. Actually get some dance and gymnastics in, at least once this week.
Did this yesterday! 😀 felt awesome.
(we went to cirque du soleil and i was trying to imitate the two contortionists)

3. At least 2 strength workouts, and 2 10-minute yoga seshes.
well. i got in several shorter strength workouts and one intense lifting workout, so i guessss i can check that off.
And i got in loads of stretching and at least an hour of yoga total this week, so i’ll consider it done. 🙂


1. Clean out my closet. This has turned into a priority issue.

2. Go through fridge and cupboards, throwing out and cleaning up. No throwing up though.

3. We may be moving as early as this weekend, so have as much stuff as i can packed up.
sadly, we’re not moving until next weekend. arrrrrgh. but a lot of the apartment is packed up and ready to go.

4. Bathroom will be spotless. At some point.
.. eh. Its clean.


1. Work on either my recipe book or my new idea (cutting out pictures from home magazines and putting them together in a binder). i love doing this kind of stuff, it makes me happy, so kill time with creativity instead of nerding it up on the computer or watching hours of House MD.
Did a little bit of this, but its been such a crazy week, we’ve hardly had downtime.

2. Dance! (again)

3. Bake.
i think i’ll whip up a healthy housewarming gift to myself. mama pea’s vegan cookies? ooooooh.

i did bake some delicioussss cookies, and i bought some spelt flour for healthy cookies. which will hopefully happen today.

4. Work a little harder at listening to my body’s wants and needs. Love you, body! 🙂 i did good for a few days, but the weekend sucked a little bit. ate lotttts of junk, like jellybeans and triple chocolate ice cream and big cookies.

well, check back tomorrow for some more goal talk. 🙂
i know you love it.


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2 Responses to mmmm waffles. and a goal recap.

  1. Susan says:

    First and foremost, awesome work on all your goals!! This is why I love blogging mine, because sometimes we never realize how much we actually accomplish until we go back and check things off. Feels goooood!

    Protein waffle sammich? I’m in 😉

    • jaymealreadyexists says:

      why, thank you. 🙂
      and absolutely. it also made me notice that i actually did a little more towards my goals this week, which puts a big smile on my face.

      and i totally recommend it. ballin’ recipe!

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