goaltastic monday.

hay hay hayyy!
happy monday 🙂
i hope lots of fabulous weekends were had.

mine consisted of a couple nights of camping and shopping in thief river falls, minnesota. fun times!

The loot i brought back consists offff:

. sunflower seed butter! i had to try it after seeing it all over allie’s blog.
. dark chocolate dreams by pb&co.
. kashi honey sunrise cereal. it looks a little like Puffins, so i had to try it.
. enough greek yogurt to feed a country. ‘jayme’s tummy’ is so a country, look it up.
. oodles of mini peppers. they are SO expensive back home.
. a decent table with 6 chairs for the new apartment, for 89 dollars. can you say k-mart smart?!
. a really neat picture frame.

i can’t wait until i have internet again so i can put up pictures of all these pretty new things!

ah well. moving onnnn.

Its Monday, and that means its time to talk about GOALS for the week.

i meant to do this part yesterday, but let’s see how i did with last week’s goals.

Fitness Goals.

1. Get in 3 runs this week. I’m going short distances because i haven’t laced up the running shoes in a few weeks, and want to ease back into it.
Done! i did get in 3 runs, and a pretty fast one on sunday morning. 🙂

2. Do dance and gymnastics once or twice this week and call it cross-training. Make sure i warm up and stretch properly, or i am asking for an injury.
ah crap. didn’t do any fun dancing or gymnasticking at all. this one makes me super happy, so i should really work on incorporating it into my schedule.

3. Strengthwork and yoga twice this week.
i got in 2 yoga seshes, but only one pretty half-assed strength session. blurgh.
i love strengthwork too, so i have to make sure i get it in.
i will not become a cardio junkie.
i will not become a cardio junkie.
i will not become a cardio junkie.
i will not become a cardio junkie.


1.Clean out and wipe down the fridge.
… whoops. i think if we had been home this weekend, this would have gotten done.

2. Go through all the boxes in my closet and throw out what needs to be thrown out.
……….. i’ll do it later.

3. Give the bathroom a thorough scrubdown, including the walls.
i did scrub the life out of the tub and sink, so that’s like 1/3 of the work, but there is still loads to do.


1.Drill the 5 basics of being chill and serene into my head.
Awarness, body appreciation, creativity, patience, simplicity.

lol failed. but i was pretty relaxed this entire week, so i guess it wasn’t necessary.

2. Dance!
epic fail.

3. Bake. i want some healthy tastiness around the apartment, to hang out with the banana bread and shortbread pb bars. they need some good influence.
i did bake, and it made me happy, but it was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. notttt healthy. but very tasty!

4. Try to listen to my body a little more when it comes to food. i had a pretty indulgent weekend, so right now it’s probably trying to balance itself out and i need to fuel it properly for that to happen.
i did really well with this on some days, not so good on others. i was definitely not listening to my body when i was a little tipsy around a campfire and someone busted out ingredients for Smores.
all around though, i think i did pretty well with this goal.

i’m going to have to work a little harder than that.

Goals for this week.

Fitness Goals:

1. Run 3 times this week, and try to get Jordan going with me so i go faster.
2 mile run, 2.5 mile run, and 3 miler.

2. Actually get some dance and gymnastics in, at least once this week.

3. At least 2 strength workouts, and 2 10-minute yoga seshes.


1. Clean out my closet. This has turned into a priority issue.

2. Go through fridge and cupboards, throwing out and cleaning up. No throwing up though.

3. We may be moving as early as this weekend, so have as much stuff as i can packed up.

4. Bathroom will be spotless. At some point.


1. Work on either my recipe book or my new idea (cutting out pictures from home magazines and putting them together in a binder). i love doing this kind of stuff, it makes me happy, so kill time with creativity instead of nerding it up on the computer or watching hours of House MD.

2. Dance! (again)

3. Bake.
i think i’ll whip up a healthy housewarming gift to myself. mama pea’s vegan cookies? ooooooh.

4. Work a little harder at listening to my body’s wants and needs. Love you, body! 🙂

okey doke, that is more than enough goal talk for one day.

i think my next post will be all about a little chat that i had my mama on sunday.

it’s more interesting than it sounds, promise.

i would love to hear about some of YOUR goals, or hear some thoughts about goal setting. 🙂


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